January 22 2008 We continue our report from 118

first_imgJanuary 22, 2008 We continue our report from 1/18/08 about the tent removal in the amphitheater in the Colly Soleri Music Center. Maintenance crew member David De Gomez removes hardware at each of the spines that fastens the tent to the edges of the amphitheater. We continue our report from 1/18/08 about the tent removal in the amphitheater in the Colly Soleri Music Center. Maintenance crew member David De Gomez removes hardware at each of the spines that fastens the tent to the edges of the amphitheater. [Photo & text: sa] The south edges of the tent are clipped to a strong cable structure. It’s hard to see through the tree branches as the crew detaches the fasteners one by one. [Photo & text: sa] The sides are free and the crew now folds the heavy cloth towards the middle of the seating area. This report continues on 1/23/08. [Photo & text: sa]last_img

February 17 2016The Arcosanti Cafe would like a m

first_imgFebruary 17, 2016The Arcosanti Cafe would like a mural designed for the back wall behind our serving area. This is the wall separating our serving tables from our food prep area and is seen by everyone eating at the cafe. The cafe would like a newly painted mural on this wall in the style of Soleri.[text by cafe staff member Pete Seiter]This mural could be painted and textured, however it also needs to be easily cleaned and sanitized as this is a food service area. We would also like space on this wall to display the menu for the day, currently we are using two large white boards, however we would like to have chalkboard paint on a part of the wall to display the menu in the future. The cafe would like the mural to be designed in a way that fits well within the Arcosanti aesthetic, yet something that is also able to uniquely identify the space as the Arcosanti Cafe.The paintable surface on this wall is 48.5 inches in height and 226.5 inches in length. The requested space for the chalkboard paint is about 24 inches in height and 83 inches in length, positioned near the top right corner of the wall; this is the space directly behind our steam tables and allows us to display what hot dish is being served in each steam table. The competion closes on March 18. 2016 and the winner will be announced on April 1. 2016.last_img read more

text and photos by Shannon Mackenzie

first_img(text and photos by Shannon Mackenzie) January 24, 2018Last week, a group of architects from Phoenix came to visit Arcosanti and took a special Architecture & Planning tour with resident and Penn State graduate Ryan David.You can see these architects’ work and read publications about their projects on their website at http://www.localstudioaz.comlast_img

Glenn Hower Multichannel networks MCNs are key

first_imgGlenn HowerMultichannel networks (MCNs) are “key to reaching younger online video viewers” with millennials watching 5.5 hours of internet video per week on smartphones and six hours per week on tablets, according to Parks Associates.The US-based research firm claims that there will be more than 200 million online video viewers in North America by 2016 with 18 to 24 year-olds, or millennials, “often favouring short-form YouTube content like PewDiePie and Jenna Marbles.”“Millennials, who watch the most internet video content, have been a difficult demographic for content providers and distributors to reach. As audiences for internet video personalities grow, content companies have taken note of the potential to leverage these viewers and monetise internet video by aggregating creator channels into multichannel networks,” said Glenn Hower, research analyst, Parks Associates.“Internet video is in the midst of significant changes. Online content creators, once representing a collection of popular but disparate viral videos, have emerged to establish audiences that contribute recurring viewership, much like traditional television and video.”last_img read more

Amazon auto show The Grand Tour Amazon plans to u

first_imgAmazon auto show, The Grand TourAmazon plans to up its investment in video content in the current quarter, despite reporting a year-on-decline in net income during Q2 on the back of higher spend.Speaking on the company’s second quarter earnings call, chief financial officer Brian Olsavsky said that Amazon would continue to build on its momentum in the video space, after it took a “significant step up” in content spend between the second half of 2016 and the second half of 2015.“We’ll be increasing video spend on a sequential and year-over-year basis in Q3, and that’s included in this guidance,” said Olsavsky.During Q2 Amazon said that its spend on technology and content grew 51% year-on-year to US$633 million (€541 million) while marketing spend climbed 66% to US$133 million.Overall the company’s net sales grew 25% year-on-year in the quarter to a huge US$38.0 billion, however net income dropped 77% to US$197 million.Asked about the company’s Q2 spend, Olsavsky said the year-on-year difference was primarily driven by investments in fulfilment capacity and logistics services, digital video, its Echo devices and Alexa voice platform, growth in India, and the build up of its Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.Olsavsky said the company had also increased its headcount by 42%, driven by operations hires, and said there was an accelerated growth rate in software engineers and sales teams hires primarily to support AWS and advertising.“As far as Q2 is concerned, we were very encouraged by the revenue and unit growth acceleration, particularly in North America. We see that tied to the Prime growth and the adoption of Prime and success of that program,” said Olsavsky.For Q3 Amazon said it expects sales to reach US$39.25 billion and US$41.75 billion, which would mark a year-on-year increase in the range of 20% – 28%.It said operating income could come in anywhere between a loss of US$400 million and gain of US$300 million, compared with US$575 million a year earlier.“Our teams remain heads-down and focused on customers,” said Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos.Listing the company’s achievements in the last few months, he said Amazon had: launched Echo Show, its newest Echo device; introduced calling and messaging via Alexa on all Echo devices; and debuted Inside Edge on Prime Video – the first of 18 Indian Original Series.In Q2, Amazon also: introduced Amazon Channels in both the UK and Germany; launched four new Fire tablets; expanded Amazon Fresh to Germany; launched Prime Now in Singapore; hired more than 30,000 new employees; opened three new Amazon Books stores; launched more than 400 “significant AWS features and services”; migrated more than 7,000 databases using AWS Database Migration Service; and held its third annual Prime Day — signing up more Prime members than ever before.“It’s energising to invent on behalf of customers, and we continue to see many high-quality opportunities to invest,” said Bezos.last_img read more