BOEM sees limited potential for tidal, wave, offshore solar in GOM

first_imgOnce offshore wind was identified as the leading technology for Gulf of Mexico application, BOEM and NREL further analyzed of the economic feasibility of offshore wind for selected sites in the Gulf of Mexico. The analysis found that offshore solar photovoltaics had the greatest gross potential resource. Offshore Renewable Energy Technologies in the Gulf of Mexico study analyzed different technologies best suited for development in the GOM. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has released two new studies on renewable energy in the Gulf of Mexico. Offshore Wind The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) researchers helped undertake these studies, funded by BOEM’s Environmental Studies Program. However, specific sites in Florida and Texas identified in this study have potential for small distributed systems. Other renewable energy technologies surveyed in this study may present opportunities for energy generation on a limited basis. Tidal energy has very little resource in the GOM, according to BOEM.center_img The renewable energy resources evaluated included wind, wave, tidal, current, solar, deepwater source cooling, and hydrogen. Furthermore, it was noted that there are many sheltered sites in state waters that may be suitable for offshore solar; not evaluated in this study. Of all the technologies, BOEM said offshore wind had the largest quantity of technical resource potential with 508 gigawatt (GW) covering all GOM states, although Texas and Louisiana show the highest overall technical offshore wind resource potential. However, longer term technological and economic improvements are possible. Wave energy, OTEC, and ocean current all have major challenges that may preclude their implementation in the GOM. There are also limited cold water source cooling options in the GOM because the best resource is far from shore. However, without a demonstrable method of surviving extreme waves on the open ocean, none of that resource counts toward the technical resource potential. last_img read more

What is the cause of being overweight or obese?

first_imgHealthLifestyle What is the cause of being overweight or obese? by: – September 23, 2014 265 Views   no discussions Tweet Sharing is caring! Sharecenter_img Share Share In some respects, the cause sounds quite simple. Your weight depends on how much energy you take in (the calories in food and drink) and how much energy your body uses (burns) up:If the amount of calories that you eat equals the amount of energy that your body uses up, then your weight remains stable.If you eat more calories than you burn up, you put on weight. The excess energy is converted into fat and stored in your body.If you eat fewer calories than you burn up, you lose weight. Your body has to tap into its fat stores to get the extra energy it needs.A common wrong belief is to think that if you are overweight or obese, you have a low metabolic rate. (Your metabolic rate or metabolism is the amount of energy that your body needs to keep going.) In fact, if you are obese or overweight you have a normal, or even high, metabolic rate (as you use up more energy carrying the extra weight).The reasons why energy taken in may not balance energy used up and may lead to weight gain, include the following.How much you eat and drinkMost people in the UK live where tasty food can be found at almost any time of day or night. Many of the foods that people eat are those higher in calories (particularly fatty and sugary foods), so-called energy-dense foods. Although your body gives you a feeling of fullness after eating enough (satiety), you can easily ignore this feeling if you are enjoying tasty foods. Food portion sizes in general have increased. There has also been a tendency to eat out more over recent years. If you eat out, you are more likely to eat food that is more energy-dense than you would eat at home. The amount of processed foods and ready-made meals available has also increased in response to our busy lives. These are often foods that are more energy-dense as well. However, even healthy foods contain calories and can tip the energy balance if we eat too much of them.What you drink is also important. Alcohol and sugary drinks contain a lot of calories. Even fresh fruit juices that you may think are healthy can make up a significant part of your daily calorie intake if you drink too much of them.In short, many people are overweight or obese simply because they eat and drink more than their body needs.Your physical activity levelsWhere does physical activity fit in to your current lifestyle? Most people in the UK do not do enough physical activity. Fewer people these days have jobs which are energetic. The variety of labour-saving devices and gadgets in most homes and the overuse of cars, means that most people end up using up much less energy compared with previous generations. The average person in the UK watches 26 hours of television per week and many even more (the couch potato syndrome).A lack of physical activity by many people is thought to be a major cause of the increase in obesity in recent years.GeneticsYou are more likely to be obese if one of your parents is obese, or both of your parents are obese. This may partly be due to learning bad eating habits from your parents. But, some people actually inherit a tendency in their genes that makes them prone to overeat. So, for some people, part of the problem is genetic.It is not fully understood how this genetic factor works. It has something to do with the control of appetite. When you eat, certain hormones and brain chemicals send messages to parts of your brain to say that you have had enough and to stop eating. In some people, this control of appetite and the feeling of fullness (satiety) may be faulty, or not as good as it is in others.However, if you do inherit a tendency to overeat, it is not inevitable that you will become overweight or obese. You can learn about the power of your appetite, ways to resist it, be strict on what you eat and do some regular physical activity. But you are likely to struggle more than most people where your weight is concerned. You may find it more difficult to stop yourself from gaining weight or to lose weight.Medical problemsLess than 1 person in 100 obese people has a ‘medical’ cause for their obesity. For example, conditions such as Cushing’s syndrome and an underactive thyroid are rare causes of weight gain. Women with polycystic ovary syndrome may also be overweight. (See separate leaflets called Cushing’s Syndrome and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome for further details on these conditions.)Some medicines such as steroids, some antidepressants, sulfonylureas and sodium valproate may contribute to weight gain. If you give up smoking, your appetite may increase and, as a result, you may put on weight. People with low mood or depression may also have a tendency to eat more energy-dense ‘comfort’ foods and so gain weight.What are the benefits of losing weight and how much weight should I lose?It is difficult to measure how much quality of life is improved if you lose some weight. Many people feel better, and have more energy. Some people notice an improvement in their self-esteem. But there are also definite health benefits from losing some weight. As explained above, many diseases are more common in obese and overweight people and you are less likely to develop them if you lose some weight.What is more, if your BMI is between 25 to 35, much of the health benefits come with losing the first 5-10% of your weight. (For example, if you weigh 90 kg and you lose 9 kg, this would be 10% of your original weight.) If your BMI is between 25 to 35, on average, if you reduce your weight by 10%:You are much less likely to develop the health problems listed above, such as diabetes.If you already have problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteoarthritis, or diabetes, these are likely to improve. If you are taking medication for these problems, you may need a reduced dose.Your chance of dying at any given age is reduced. This is mainly because you are less likely to die from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, or obesity- related cancers.If your BMI is more than 35, you are more likely already to have health problems related to being overweight. You will probably need to lose between 15-20% of your original weight to have sustained improvements in these health problems and other health benefits.Patient.Colast_img read more

Chavez rejects health rumours

first_img 41 Views   no discussions Share Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.CARACAS, Venezuela (South Journal) — “I would be the first to announce any difficulty beyond what’s normal in my recovery process, and the people know me very well,” said Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in response to new rumours about his health, after he concluded his fourth and last chemotherapy session.Responding to an ongoing wave of rumours that he is in Cuba, the Venezuelan head of state said that he is in his country, reviewing documents, reading and meeting his tasks, as he continues with his treatment and recovery process, Radio Nacional de Venezuela reported.“I’m in a full recovery process, so that my body copes with the level of toxins,” resulting from four chemotherapy sessions, said Chavez in a phone conversation with Venezuelan TV.The rumours now circulating are aimed at generating uncertainty in the Venezuelan population; it is a strategy hatched in psychological warfare labs, given the political opposition in the country and the influence by the American empire, he said.This whole campaign is part of a strategy that will crash into a truth as it has always been the case, said Chavez, and noted, “Our strategies are based on realities.”Caribbean News Now Tweet NewsRegional Chavez rejects health rumours by: – September 30, 2011center_img Share Share Sharing is caring!last_img read more


first_imgDuring the off-season all you heard from the NFL was how they were going to cut down on the injuries that were occurring in pro football.  They cut back the training activities each team could have.  Like all other sports, they put a great urgency on concussion protocol.  What they did next would make any person scratch their head.It was not enough to have Monday Night football, but now we have added Thursday Night football.  This means that two teams will play on Sunday, and then with just three days to recover, they have to come back and play on Thursday night.  Under normal situations they don’t really start practice for their next game until Wednesday.  Now they have to practice Monday and Tuesday for this Thursday game.  So much for injury prevention!  If the owners can find another way to make more money, they will jump at the chance even though they say they are all for player safety.They are not alone in this pursuit of money because college teams will play anytime, anywhere as long as ESPN will televise the game.  What will we have next?  How soon will we see back to back football games just like pro basketball?last_img read more

Nobody can dictate to me, Rohr declares

first_img Loading… Nigeria coach, Gernot Rohr, has stated he has a free hand to select his players, insisting nobody can dictate to him on who to pick for national duty. “Each Monday we have our meetings and we speak about the games played at the weekend and what our players did. We have to take the best ones no matter where they are coming from.” Rohr has been in charge of the Super Eagles since 2016 and qualified the West Africans to the 2018 World Cup in Russia with ease. The former Bordeaux manager guided the three-time African champions to a third-place finish at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt. Nigeria currently leads the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers Group L with six points after back-to-back victories against the Republic of Benin and Lesotho. read also:Perform or get fired, NFF warns Rohr Before the outbreak of the coronavirus, Rohr handed an invitation to 23 players for the Super Eagles’ Afcon qualifying game against Sierra Leone which was scheduled for March before it was postponed. Rohr has been mandated to qualify Nigeria for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and win the 2021 continental title in Cameroon. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 center_img Last week, the 66-year-old was handed a new two-year contract by the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), following the expiration of his previous deal with the West Africans. In March, Nosa Igiebor claimed he was shut out of the Super Eagles because he was not playing in a top league while the Franco-German tactician has also been accused of not introducing more Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) players into the national team. Rohr, however, revealed he selects players in consultation with his assistants which is strictly based on merit, explaining the best will always have a chance for the Super Eagles. “It is not a part of my contract to take players who are not so good. I can choose my players myself. It is the most important [thing]. So, nobody can tell me ‘You have to pick this one or that one,” Rohr told Channels TV. “I can take the best players and I don’t do it alone. We have a team and our staff. I have my assistant, I have my analyzer.Advertisementlast_img read more

Thousands thrilled at Caribbean Invasion Drag meet

first_imgTHOUSANDS of fans were thrilled on Sunday when the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) hosted its Caribbean Invasion Drag race meet.Featuring scores of competitors, the event saw action in eight classes including the bikes.In the 15-second class, Davendra Persaud, with his Toyota Corolla, reigned supreme after several of his competitors broke out of the class. Shivan Raganath was the winner of the 14-second class with his Toyota Sprinter.Bikes were a crowd-pleaser in yesterday’s Caribbean Invasion.13-second defending champion Imran Khan bowed out early, due to a false start leaving Lawrence Bhowandin and his Toyota Glanza the top spot.Aditia Budram in his Toyota Levin was the star of the 12-second class while Rajesh Panday and the Team Avengers Mark II took the 11-second bracket.Oneil Higgins and his Toyota Caldina provided a blast from the past for the 10-second class while Shawn Persaud and his Caldina won the unlimited trophy and in the process posted a fastest time of 8.311.The bikes were in no short order as well, with Julius Seunarine aboard his Suzuki GSX-R taking that class.Fans were also thrilled by the novelty races.last_img read more

KUSC to collaborate with Los Angeles Master Chorale

first_imgKUSC, USC’s classical music station, will collaborate with the Los Angeles Master Chorale to broadcast the choir’s concerts and performances this winter.Sweet sounds · Conductor Grant Gershon, a USC alumnus, directs the Los Angeles Master Chorale in Walt Disney Concert Hall. – Photo courtesy of Libby Huebner The Los Angeles Master Chorale is the resident choir at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and is directed by USC alumnus Grant Gershon. This sort of broadcast collaboration between the choir and KUSC has taken place in the past and both parties said they are eager to restart the practice.“We are very happy to resume this partnership and put these concerts on for a wider audience. KUSC is a very distinguished and highly regarded station,” said Terry Knowles, executive director of the Los Angeles Master Chorale.The partnership will take the form of two radio shows that will begin on Dec. 19. Each broadcast will occur every Sunday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and will be hosted and produced by KUSC music personality Alan Chapman. The broadcast series is being funded by the Los Angeles County Arts Committee.KUSC will air the concerts when that the choir performed at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.The main goal of the series is to provide more access to these exclusive concerts, beyond the audience that attends at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.“We are the most listened-to public radio station in the U.S. and because of our Internet stream we have fans in Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada and even Singapore,” said Gail Eichenthal, the program director of KUSC, who spearheaded the collaboration between the station and LAMC.KUSC’s strong listenership of more than 700,000 will provide maximum exposure to LAMC, Eichenthal said.The funding for KUSC comes from its fan base, with donations from 400,000 listeners making up about 70 percent of the station’s budget. Most of these donations come from listeners in Southern California, she said.Eichenthal said KUSC is looking forward to including more Hanukkah and Christmas programming as the holidays approach.Eichenthal said the balance of music played on KUSC is constantly being assessed and revised. The station tries to include every type of classical music.“We try to attract a broader, younger audience, keep the programming fresh and stimulating — but still satisfy — people’s desire for the great classics of the last 500 years,” she said.last_img read more

New provost aims to increase student engagement

first_imgMonique Sosa Allard, the new assistant provost for Student Engagement in USC’s Student Affairs department, recently made her return to the ranks of the Trojan Family.Welcome home · Assistant Provost Monique Allard returns to USC hoping to get students more involved in campus affairs. – Photo courtesy of Dietmar Quistorf Allard first joined USC after earning her bachelor’s in social work from California State University, Los Angeles. She then enrolled in the USC Rossier School of Education to earn her master’s and doctorate. Before serving as the associate director of college advising in the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences from 1998-2007.For the past several years, Allard has been working in student affairs on different college campuses. She was the director of student services for the College of Education at California State University Los Angeles, as well as the executive director of Student Support and Equity Programs at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.Happily back at USC for the past three months, Allard is enjoying her new position.“I am very happy to be back at USC,” Allard said. “I feel like I’m coming home.”Allard’s extensive professional experience in student services has fully equipped her for her role in student affairs, but it is really her passion for helping students that makes her a fit for the position.“From as far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be in a helping profession,” Allard said. “I really enjoy the opportunity to help students mentally achieve their educational dreams and also to develop and grow and go out and move on to the next stage in their life.”As assistant provost, Allard works with various areas across campus including campus publications, fraternity and sorority leadership programs, the Trojan Marching Band, campus recreation sports, student government and the Volunteer Center.“There’s a number of different opportunities for students to be engaged across campus,” Allard said.As an alumna, Allard said she understands the importance of student engagement at USC. Allard was involved with what is now called Graduate Student Government when she was a student.According to Allard, her engagement with GSG led her to many important relationships.“It was a wonderful forum where I met so many of my friends that I still stay in contact with now, several years later,” Allard said. “They really have been my lifetime friends.”Allard said her experience as a student at USC informed her understanding of the importance of student engagement.“If you asked any student walking across campus if they thought being engaged was important, I’m certain they would say yes,” she said.Allard said by getting involved, students have the opportunity to learn important life skills.“Our students still are looking for opportunities to develop their leadership skills, develop their practical skills, connect with others, build friendships and give back to the community and communities around the world,” she said. “Engagement is really important in helping students develop as a whole person.”Since her return, Allard has been working on several initiatives regarding student engagement, including implementing the revised student events policy and outdoor events policy, as well as assembling a hazing prevention consortium of representatives from across campus to improve existing hazing prevention efforts.Though she’s eager to make important changes to enhance the student experience while keeping safety and practicality in mind, Allard said she’s most looking forward to collaborating with students.“I’m most excited about working with our students, specifically our student leaders,” she said. “I think our student leaders are energetic and full of ideas and inspiration.”Allard stressed it was very important for her to stay in contact with the student body.“I consider it my job and the job of Student Affairs to amplify the student voice,” she said.As a former USC student, Allard holds her role as a Trojan close to her heart.“I’m proud to be a Trojan and part of the Trojan Family, and to contribute to the Trojan legacy.”last_img read more

Wisconsin shuts out UW-Green Bay 3-0

first_imgIn a game that will be remembered as much for the powerful winds and stinging rain as it will be for the play on the field, the Wisconsin men’s soccer team avenged three straight losses to the UW-Green Bay Phoenix with a 3-0 win at the McClimon Complex Wednesday.A history full of even contests between the two teams has steadily turned the annual matchup into one of UW’s (5-6-3, 1-2 Big Ten) biggest rivalries over the years. Many of the current crop of UW players have never beaten a Green Bay (2-9-3, 0-3-2 Horizon) team while playing for the Badgers – a statistic that provided more than enough motivation for Wisconsin in their preparation for the game.“Any time you play an in-state rival, you throw out the records,” head coach John Trask said. “There is a lot of pride in these in-state rivalry games, whether it’s us against Marquette, Milwaukee or Green Bay. … There is no question they came here to beat us or at least get a result, and we stepped up to the plate.”Following its first win of the Big Ten season Saturday against Michigan, Wisconsin came into Wednesday’s game with one goal in mind: to keep the ball rolling.After dominating the possession early in the first half, it seemed only a matter of time before a Badger score would follow. Sure enough, in the 25th minute, senior forward Jerry Maddi got the goal UW needed.When junior midfielder Nick Janus played the ball to Maddi 12 yards out from the goal, just inside the penalty area, Maddi cut the ball back toward the middle and finished a confident strike, just inside the far post.“We were getting a lot of good chances slipping balls in behind their center backs and outside backs,” Maddi said. “I decided I was going to cut it back and see what the goal offered me. I cut it back and saw the goalie left the back post open, so I aimed for the back.”The goal was only the senior’s second goal in his career at Wisconsin – his first coming against Cleveland State Sept. 29 – after he transferred from Eastern Illinois University before the 2011 season.Now, with two goals in less than a month, Maddi has hit a good run of form at a critical time for a team that, just a week ago, seemed destined for a disappointing finish to its 2012 campaign.“A second goal definitely builds my confidence,” Maddi said. “Individually I’m playing better; I’m getting good minutes since my last goal, but more importantly for the team, each time I’ve gotten a goal we have won and that is important.”“This is the right time to get hot, so hopefully we can continue this heading into our next game.”Brimming with confidence and holding onto a one-goal lead heading into halftime, Maddi and company continued the second half like they started the first and added two more tallies to the score sheet before the game had finished and the final whistle was blown.In another combination of good passes in the 51st minute, this time Maddi would play the role of distributor.With junior defender David Caban rushing up the field to help on offense, Maddi picked out the charging defender with a cross to the top of the box, making the one-touch finish an easy one for Caban’s first goal of the season.“I was going to shoot, but at the last second Caban called for it and that late run is always open,” Maddi said. “He made the best of it and put it on goal. In these wet conditions, we knew it would go in.”While the game started out on a calm fall night, serenity was quickly replaced by a torrential downpour early in the first half of the game. Although the players would continue to fight on throughout the game, it was hard to ignore the impact the weather had on the quality of the game.On the final and third goal of the game for the Badgers, sloppy play by one of the Phoenix defenders on a field saturated with water resulted in an open net tap-in score for Janus in the 75th minute.The defense silently played its part in the dominating win as well, earning its third shutout of the season and giving up few good scoring chances to its in-state opponents.“We got the shutout so it was good all-around I thought,” junior goalkeeper Max Jentsch said. “The defense was going into tackles hard and making good plays. I thought we adjusted well to the conditions too. It was a good all-around performance for us.”Follow Nick on Twitterlast_img read more

My boys let me down – Sellas Tetteh

first_imgBlack Satellites coach, Sellas Tetteh, says his team let him down in the first half of their semi-finals game against France and that is largely the reason behind the team’s 1-2 defeat.Added to that situation, substitute goalkeeper Michael Sai’s poor anticipation in the second half easily provided the canon fodder for the French to clinch a second defeat over Ghana.In a battle that the French employed brute strength in the combat, the Ghanaians’ usual onslaught was hardly visible in the first half as they struggled to break through the rear of their opponents.Indeed, by the 45th minute mark, the Ghanaians had made only one goal attempt when Frank Acheampong reacted to the French promptings with a header close to the end of the first half. But his ball grazed the upright to the relief of the French bench.Sellas said France exploited the situation and imposed themselves onto the game and even though the Ghanaians tried to react to the situation in the second half it appeared too late as French confidence had already peaked.“For me the whole team played poorly in the first half much against expectation and I do not want to single out any player for blame. Of course, you will say the goalkeeper did poorly with the situation that resulted in the second goal for France, the question is what were the defenders doing at the time”, he queried. Tetteh was, however, quick to congratulate his boys for their resilience that saw them salvage what started as a failed campaign but managed to steer it to the semi-finals.‘’I hope we win the bronze to bring something home”, he addedlast_img read more