PM’s letter to GNNL Chairperson worrying

first_imgDear Editor,I am shocked, but I cannot say surprised, at the letter written by Prime Minister Nagamootoo to Chairperson of the Chronicle National Newspapers Limited, Ms. Geeta Chandan.Mr. Nagamootoo accuses the Chairperson of being less than transparent in her handling of Mr. Duncan’s dismissal; and of being party to a process that was arbitrary, capricious, unlawful, and in excess of jurisdiction. Wow! Legal language for a Queen’s Counsel; it’s a pity that Mr. Nagamootoo has not taken Silk as yet.But back to the matter at hand. It is revolting and unbecoming for a Minister — more so a Prime Minister — to hang out his Chairperson to public ridicule, odium and contempt in the eyes of the public. What right does a Minister have to overturn a decision of the Board and re-instate someone whose tenure was fraught with problems, to say the least? On what authority can a Minister interject himself in the operation of a company? Is this what people voted for in 2015? Is this change? Maybe it is, but for the worse.Those who were wondering why Mr. Nagamootoo was not preferred for higher office with the PPP need not look any further. Blind and unadulterated opportunism appears to be his trademark.Remember, Dr. Cheddi Jagan had anointed him to be president; it would appear he cannot wait to be president.President Granger needs to take serious note of what is going on here. He has a Prime Minister who would do anything for power.Duncan’s reinstatement has all to do with the AFC elections, and nothing to do with good governance at the Chronicle. President Granger has to remember that he is not well, and his ‘number two’ must be someone he can trust. The Prime Minister should do what is expected of him and yield the Presidency to an APNU candidate. I am not sure Mr. Nagamootoo can be trusted to do such a thing.The shenanigans that have played out these past few days have exposed Mr. Nagamootoo for what he really is – someone thirsty for power. I am told that he reneged on an undertaking to be a one-term Prime Minister.But even if that is not so, here he is, picking a fight with a co-founder of the AFC; someone who encouraged him to join the AFC, and at whose Chambers, I am told, he learnt his trade as a lawyer. I think there is a word for this: Neemakaran.Yours respectfully,Lance Veecocklast_img read more