London’s Dusty Pushes Back Opening Night, Extends Engagement

first_imgA few updates on the new multi-media show Dusty. The production, currently in preview, has pushed back its opening night from June 3 to September 7. Previously set to shutter on August 22, the world premiere will now play a limited engagement through November 21 at London’s Charing Cross Theatre.As previously reported, the cast of the tuner that celebrates the music of 60’s pop icon Dusty Springfield includes Ellie Ann-Lowe as Mary O’Brien, with Francesca Jackson as Nancy, Stewart McCheyne as DJ Dave Dean, Ben Tolley as Johnny Franz, Leo Elso as Dion O’Brien/Tom Springfield, Joe Vetch as Douggie Reece, Joan Walker as Kay O’Brien, Graham Kent as Gerard ‘OB’ O’Brien, Tristan Pate as Vic Billings, Allyson Ava Brown as Martha Reeves, Danielle Kassarata as Maddie and Arabella Rodrigo as Norma. Bex Leung, Cleo Jaeger and Marianna Neofitou round out the company.Written by Kim Weild and Duncan Sibbald with dramaturg Jack Bradley, the production is directed by Chris Cowey. With original music by Dusty Springfield, audiences see and hear Springfield on stage using 3-D technology and digital media. Dusty follows the highs and lows of Springfield’s rise from middle class suburban London to the recording of her seminal album Dusty in Memphis. Through the eyes of Nancy Jones, one of Dusty’s childhood friends, and other key figures who accompanied her on her journey, Dusty celebrates the life of one of Britain’s most influential recording artists.Another tuner based on the pop legend, Forever Dusty, closed off-Broadway in spring 2013. View Commentslast_img read more

Interview with Jamaica’s Deputy Chief of Defence Staff, Brigadier General Rocky R. Meade

first_imgBy Dialogo January 19, 2012 “We are past the point where we think the military has no business in law enforcement. This is the military’s business,” stated Jamaica’s Chief of Defence during the Caribbean Nations Security Conference (CANSEC) 2011. Major General Antony Anderson said this because Jamaica has a homicide rate of 52 per 100,000, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. That makes it the fourth most-violent country in the world after Honduras, El Salvador and Cote d’Ivoire. Jamaica decided to tackle this issue by making the country’s armed forces more involved through direct support of soldiers and joint patrolling. It is also offering training and course development for and with the Police, among other capacities. According to the regional chiefs of defense attending CANSEC 2012, held in St. Kitts and Nevis in December 2011, and co-sponsored by the U.S. Southern Command, this is a good model to emulate. Diálogo spoke to Jamaica’s Deputy Chief of Defence Staff, Brigadier General Rocky R. Meade about this and other issues that affect Jamaica and other nations in the Caribbean and beyond. Diálogo: What are the main issues affecting Jamaica in terms of security and defense now? Brigadier General Rocky R. Meade: The most significant is Transnational Organized Crime [TCO], though it’s common across the region. In Jamaica, the issue of TCO manifests itself in a lot of violent criminal activities, such a high murder rate. Our murder rate, for example, is much too high for a country like ours, and from our analysis, the majority of those killings are related to Transnational Organized Crime of different sorts, so I would say it is the major issue. The other issue we have, which is of significance, is unplanned events that have a major impact, for example natural or man-made disasters; anything that can happen in an emergency that we have to respond that affects our national security. Those are the two main areas of focus that we have and we work with the region to try and resolve. Diálogo: What has Jamaica done to improve these issues at the nation and regional level? Brig. Gen. Rocky R. Meade: In Jamaica we work very closely with the Police. What we do is provide the resources that the Police does not have, including maritime resources, air resources, and additional man power. The intelligence aspect is quite important as well, and we work with all of our partners internally and externally to make sure we have a common intelligence picture so that we can prosecute it. From a disaster perspective, we have disaster agents that we support since we are the ones with the air resources to support disaster relief. We also respond to the region – when Haiti had the earthquake – we were the first to send resources, so we have this regional collaboration as well. Diálogo: We understand that other countries want to emulate what is being done in Jamaica. Why is that? Brig. Gen. Rocky R. Meade: Because we have had years of working with the Police. We had some great success last year [2010] with an internal security problem that we had. We have been reducing the murder rate consistently from last year with this partnership that we have with the Police, so once there’s success, others will want to see how we do this and we are quite happy to assist. Diálogo: Is there a mandate in which the Armed Forces help support the Police Force? Brig. Gen. Rocky R. Meade: Yes. There is a mandate. We are governed by the Defense Act and in it there is a clause for us to assist the civil authority, and the Police come under that. The prime minister gives us direct operational permission to assist the Police because we cannot engage within our country as a military without that authority. So the two instruments that affect us are direct instructions from the prime minister for us to move forward in that assistance, but the Defense Act as a broad umbrella document provides the legal framework for us to assist the Police. Diálogo: Does Jamaica fall under the category of countries in the region being used as transit countries for illicit activity that leaves behind weapons to be used for violent crimes? What is being done to counter this and how can it be applied to other countries? Brig. Gen. Rocky R. Meade: We do not have an internal drug use problem that is a chronic situation, but we do have consumption, even though that is not our main problem from the organized criminals. It [our main problem] is the transshipment effort, the money laundering that comes from it, the corruption of officials that come from it and by providing guns for the enforcement of the transshipment effort, those guns are used for other purposes and that’s really what accounts for our murder rate. What we are doing specifically is we are targeting the gangs to the extent that we can identify those specific gangs that contribute to the trafficking of weapons and drugs and killings. We are targeting their leadership and their members. We have specific legislation in addition to strengthening the Forfeiture Acts. So we are tackling the source of the problem in terms of the network of the gangs that facilitate the transshipment of drugs and weapons and result in a lot of criminal activity in the country. Diálogo: Is it a crime to be a member of a gang in Jamaica? Brig. Gen. Rocky R. Meade: Not yet, but this is one of the discussions that we are having in terms of the anti-gang legislation. At the moment, gang members have to actually commit an offense to become a criminal, but that is something we are pushing very actively and we are very close to having a final decision on that. Diálogo: How important is it for Jamaica to work with the U.S.? Brig. Gen. Rocky R. Meade: It’s very important. Certainly the United States has the greatest resources within the region. We are mindful of the fact that the United States has interests all over the world, but to the extent that they engage us in the Caribbean, we look forward to engaging with them. We see it as a partnership – although we’re small – we’re always looking for ways to help the U.S. as well, because clearly the U.S. has interests in the region, and we want to build the capacity to be helpful to the U.S. Interestinglast_img read more

Pakistan reports another H5N1 outbreak

first_imgFeb 18, 2008 (CIDRAP News) – Livestock officials in Pakistan said yesterday that the H5N1 avian influenza virus hit chickens in the northwestern part of the country, the region where December outbreaks were linked to suspected human-to-human transmission of the virus and Pakistan’s first confirmed human case.Rafiq-ul-Usmani, a food and agriculture ministry official, said samples from a poultry farm near Abbottabad, in North-West Frontier province, were positive for the H5N1 virus and that culling at the farm had begun, Reuters reported yesterday.About 5,000 chickens have been culled at the farm, Ali Akber Kahn, a Mansehra district livestock minister, told Dawn, one of Pakistan’s English-language newspapers, yesterday. He said authorities sealed the area around the farm and were vaccinating poultry in other areas to control the spread of the virus.So far no workers at the farm had shown signs of infection, he told Dawn.Pakistan’s last outbreaks struck two commercial farms near Karachi , according to a Feb 4 report from the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).Elsewhere, government officials in Bangladesh said today that H5N1 outbreaks have spread to 43 of the nation’s 64 districts, according to a report from Agence France-Presse (AFP). So far workers have culled about 800,000 birds, the report said.M.M. Kahn, a senior official with the Bangladesh Poultry Association, told AFP that the H5N1 outbreaks have shuttered at least 40% of the country’s 150,000 commercial farms and have put 500,000 people out of work.Yesterday workers began slaughtering 150,000 birds at a farm in a suburb of Dhaka, the capital, signifying the first outbreak in the city, the Associated Press (AP) reported yesterday. Mohammad Salahuddin Ahmed, director of the country’s livestock ministry, said more than 100 workers were assisting with the cull. “We are very cautious so that the virus can’t spread to local neighborhoods,” he told the AP.The outbreak in Dhaka occurred at the Omega farm, according to media reports. Kahn told AFP that the Omega farm is known for its rigorous adherence to biosafety regulations and that an outbreak there shows the virus is out of control, despite assurances from the government.See also:OIE reports on 2008 Pakistan outbreakslast_img read more

CNTB opens online applications for the Annual Croatian Tourist Awards

first_imgThe award is also given for an agency worker, a tourist guide, an employee in a hotel or camp, an employee in a restaurant or bar, a private landlord, a host of a tourist farm, a maritime worker, a road worker and a salesman. The Days of Croatian Tourism, the largest gathering of tourist workers in Croatia, will not be held this year due to the coronavirus epidemic. Candidates for the selection of employees of the year can be submitted by tourist boards exclusively through the county tourist board, professional associations, companies, local self-government units, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of the Interior, other Ministries of the Republic of Croatia and the Croatian Institute of Public Health. Croatian National Tourist Board already the eighteenth year awards prizes Man – the key to success, employee of the year. The awards are part of the program to mark the Day of Croatian Tourism, the largest gathering of tourism workers in Croatia. The public call is available on the official website Croatian National Tourist Board, and the application form is available via LINKS. Applications are accepted exclusively through the online application form until 11 November 2020 by 12:00. Photo: HTZ Following this, this year the Croatian National Tourist Board will reward employees who have made a significant contribution to the quality of tourist services and safety, health and protection during the tourist season 2020, and has opened online applications for Annual Croatian Tourist Awards 2020 in the category “Man – the key to success, employee of the year”.center_img Man – the key to success, employee of the year The goal of this award is raising the quality of service and hospitality of employees in tourism and other tourism-related activities, which directly affects raising the level of guest satisfaction, spreading the positive image of Croatian tourism and the overall experience of Croatia as a tourist destination. Reward “Man – the key to success, employee of the year” this year is awarded in total 12 categories. From that three are new: for border police officers, health care workers and civil protection workers. Man – the key to success, employee of the year However, the Croatian National Tourist Board has decided to reward employees who have done their job well, dedicatedly and in the best possible way in significantly more difficult conditions. Photo: HTZlast_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, May 1

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionPray for solutions to current problemsI was 9 years old when Pearl Harbor was attacked, and World War II began. My four cousins, living next door, left to fight in the war. It was a sad time for me. My two older sisters, worked at Woolworth’s and saved enough money to purchase a radio/phonograph player, which supplied us with much pleasure. I remember our family, sitting around the radio, listening to Kate Smith singing “God Bless America.” Even at my age, it sent chills down my spine. The enemy threatened Kate Smith’s life if she continued singing. However, she was not deterred and bravely continued. I read recently that in the 1930s, Kate Smith sang racist songs and was labeled a racist. However, I never heard one of those songs on our radio. I am sure,what is considered racist today was not in the ‘30s, or ‘40s. It was a different era, and people were not educated about racism.Because of this finding, the New York Yankees decided to stop playing “God Bless America” after the seventh inning. A shame indeed!Instead of spending time searching for racism in our history, we should spend time praying for the disasters that happen almost daily. We can start by praying for the resurrection of the Notre Dame Cathedral and the hundreds of Christian lives lost in Sri Lanka’s Easter Sunday massacre.Finally, I end by saying “God Bless Kate Smith” and “God Bless America.”Vince AlescioClifton Park Scotia must control spending, taxesIt was sad to watch the Scotia Village Board break the tax cap by raising taxes over the state-mandated limit while passing the village budget. This is at least the third time the village has broken through the cap in recent years.Worse yet, they blew through even more of the village savings account to help try to meet their obligations. This tax increase doesn’t even include the increase yet to come when the village trustees ask us to pay for a new firehouse. Higher taxes, higher rents and lower property values for village residents are a reality for the foreseeable future at this rate of spending.This fiscal crisis in the village started years ago under the tax-and-spend policies from the Democrat-controlled village board.They need to tighten their belt, preserve our services and stay under the tax cap. We village residents can’t afford tax increases every year and we can’t afford to have a Democratic one-party rule either.Maria PetersonScotiaMore from The Daily Gazette:Cuomo calls for clarity on administering vaccineFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristslast_img read more

Irish pension reform hinges on ‘favourable economic environment’

first_imgThe minister, leader of the Labour Party, did not provide any date for reform implementation, saying it would depend on a number of factors, including the “presence of a favourable economic environment”.But she insisted the case for reform was solid.Burton has previously said the launch of the new supplementary system would depend on a number of economic indicators, likely to include unemployment falling to a level deemed acceptable in a country that only recently saw the near-collapse and bailout of its baking system.Nor did the speech shed any light on when the URSG would reveal its findings, despite the Department of Social Protection’s previously saying the proposal would be published by the end of 2015.Burton has previously told the Irish Parliament the group has so far convened five times, inviting around 35 stakeholder groups to offer feedback on its proposals.She also said the group had spoken to experts from Australia, New Zealand and the UK – all countries that have introduced either mandatory or soft-mandatory pension systems. Publishing the proposal by the end of the year would allow its being debated prior to the next general election, taking place no later than April 2016, at a time when Burton cannot guarantee her party’s return to power.The URSG has so far conducted informal consultations with stakeholder groups, being advised by the Irish Association of Pension Funds that, due to the “political reality”, an auto-enrolment system might be easier to deliver than one mandating pension saving.The system has previously been referred to by a number of names by the minister – including Shamrock Saver, Celtic Saver and MySaver – but more recently it was christened the Universal Retirement Savings Scheme by the URSG. The reform of Ireland’s second-pillar pension system will not happen without a favourable economic environment, according to the country’s deputy prime minister.Joan Burton said there was broad agreement that the current level of “substandard” pension provision needed to be addressed but accepted that the reform’s authors should also be aware of its impact on labour costs.Speaking at an event hosted by IBEC, Ireland’s employer association, the minister for social protection said she accepted the need for “clear communication” of any path towards reform and the launch of a universal pension system.She noted the Universal Retirement Savings Group (URSG), convened by government earlier this year to draw up a reform proposal, was now considering the new system’s design and timeframe for introduction.last_img read more

Expert group tables rescue plan for underfunded Swiss scheme

first_imgInstead, the working group suggested that the current pension fund be converted into a closed fund covering pensioners and members who belonged to the fund before January 2012. A separate, open fund should be created for those who joined the fund after January 2012. The new fund would be fully capitalised, without a guarantee from the state.When PKWAL switched from defined benefit to a defined contribution scheme in January 2012, a guarantee was granted by PKWAL, which a legal opinion has deemed made the state of Valais and its affiliated institutions responsible for plugging the pension fund’s financing gap.“In light of PKWAL’s difficult financial situation, the working group is convinced of the need for a far-reaching and sustained reform of occupational pensions for the insured,” the Wallis state council said in a statement.“The working group is seeking a new paradigm in order to draw a final line under the financing problems of PKWAL and to be able to look to the future.”The proposal to create two pension funds was intended as a strategic measure to solve PKWAL’s problems in the long-term, without prejudice to the interest rate paid on members’ accrued savings capital, the working group said.The cantonal government has commissioned the working group to analyse the financial, technical and organisational aspects of its proposal in-depth. A final report is expected for the end of the year, based on which the government will make its decisions.The government said it would leave an adequate amount of time between the announcement and entry into force of the measures it decides.PKWAL’s management board has decided not to take any measures to reduce the conversion rates, which are applied to members’ assets to calculate their pension, before 1 January 2019. A Swiss public pension fund could be split in two under a proposal to “draw a line” under its financing problems.The CHF4.1bn (€3.8bn) Pensionskasse des Staates Wallis (PKWAL), the fund for the Swiss canton of Valais, has a deficit of more than CHF1bn and is faced with gloomy cash flow and return prospects.The proposal to split the fund was developed by a working group that was launched by the cantonal government last year to come up with ideas for restoring the pension fund’s long-term financial equilibrium.The working group said the pension fund was in an extremely complex and risk-laden situation. Changes at the financing level would provide some reprieve, it said, but would fail to return it to financial health and secure its long-term future.last_img read more

Berlusconi to face trial on sex and abuse of power charges

first_img Share By the CNN Wire Staff 26 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring! Share Share Tweet Silvio Berlusconi Milan, Italy (CNN) — Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi will be tried on charges of sex with an underage prostitute and abuse of power, an Italian judge ruled Tuesday. The trial is due to begin April 6, Judge Cristina di Censo decided, Italian judicial authorities confirmed. Three judges will preside over the criminal trial in Milan. Prosecutors in Milan filed the request for trial last week. Berlusconi denies the charges, and his lawyers have argued that the Milan courts do not have the authority to try a prime minister or jurisdiction over the case because of where the alleged crimes were committed. News Berlusconi to face trial on sex and abuse of power charges by: – February 15, 2011last_img

Pastor Peg Dorwick

first_imgPastor Margaret D.“Peg” Dorwick, 83 of Milan passed away Wednesday February 24, 2016 at Ripley Crossing in Milan. Pastor Peg was born Sunday January 8, 1933 in Ambrose, ND. the daughter of John and Alice (Anderson) Flaherty. Pastor Peg married Charles “Chuck” Dorwick August 4, 1956 and he survives. Pastor Peg was a member of the St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Milan and an ELCA member. Peg was a registered nurse for many years retiring from DuPage Community Convalescent Center in Wheaton, IL. She then became a ordained minister in the Lutheran faith. She filled pulpits at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Dillsboro, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Batesville, St. John’s Lutheran Church in Sunman and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Milan. In her free time she enjoyed family, quilting, cooking, baking apple and cherry pie and spice cake, and loved writing poetry and reading. She also was a fine seamstress.Pastor Peg is survived by husband: Charles “Chuck” Dorwick of Milan, sons: Keith Dorwick (John Kelley) of Lafayette, LA. Kevin (Cathy) Dorwick of Galena IL. daughter: Karin Selga of Louisville, KY, brother: John Flaherty of KS, sister: Mary Taylor of IL; 3 Grandchildren Jacquie and Greg Dorwick and Cody Selga. She was preceded in death by one brother Dennis Flaherty.Services will be held 11 AM Friday February 26, 2016 at Laws-Carr-Moore Funeral Home, Milan with Pastor Sue Socha officiating. Visitation will also be Friday 9-11AM at the funeral home. Memorials may be made to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church through the funeral home. Laws-Carr-Moore Funeral Home entrusted with arrangements, 707 South Main Street Box 243 Milan 47031. (812)654-2141. Go to to leave an online condolence message.last_img read more

Hugo Lloris backs his old boss Remi Garde to save Aston Villa from the drop

first_imgHugo Lloris has backed Remi Garde to guide Aston Villa to safety. The Tottenham goalkeeper worked under Villa’s new manager while the two were at Lyon, and on Monday played against the team Garde has inherited in Spurs’ 3-1 Premier League win. A dismal start to the season left Villa bottom of the table with only four points from 11 games, with Tim Sherwood sacked amid suggestions the summer transfer window simply left their squad too weak. Press Associationcenter_img Lloris, however, believes they possess greater talent than they are given credit for, and said that Garde’s previous experience of English football from playing for Arsene Wenger at Arsenal in the 1990s, combined with the tactical knowledge he has seen for himself, will ultimately prove enough to rescue them. “Yeah, I think so,” Lloris responded when asked if Garde could lead Villa to survival. “I know him very well because he was my manager for one year in Lyon. “He is a great man and a great manager. He did only three years but under him, during my year, I really enjoyed my time. “It’s only positive about him. Tactically, he’s going to bring his knowledge, and he has proper experience as a player with Arsenal, and I think he really wanted to join the Premier League. “Aston Villa is a big club and a big opportunity for him, and I’m sure he will show how he’s able to do.” Garde faces the unenviable task of assuming control of a team without a Premier League victory since 8 August. Villa on Saturday host Manchester City before the international football break and then travel to Everton, ensuring that his first two fixtures as manager will come against two of the division’s strongest teams. “His first two games, against City and Everton are not easy, but during the international break he’s going to have two weeks to work with and get to know his players,” Lloris added. “They have a young team but some talented players and just need to fix a couple of details to be stronger as a team.” last_img read more