How to open the car stores to make money

need to use regular cleaning to better, many people buy a car now, let this industry developed rapidly in recent years, the number of private cars increased gradually, many entrepreneurs see the car market is good, choose to open their own car stores, then entrepreneurs how to achieve normal shop to make money?

open car wash shop, do not need much investment funds, a few meters of the small store can operate, investment as low as $10000, and high profit margins, is a good choice for your business. Open car wash shop, provide better service for the owners, for them to create a more enjoyable noble enjoyment!

opened a car wash shop, only the high quality service and effect, to win the car owners recognized! Franchise recruitment is generally through the post recruitment information in the store to find, in fact, to select suitable personnel in the recruitment of technical personnel, but also of the car industry. Can be achieved through the and newspaper channels. Involved in personnel management, including attendance system, salary and welfare system, staff training, etc.. read more

Good environment can store to win good reputation

reputation of a shop once up, basically do not worry about business, just sit in the shop can wait for customers to come. Because of this, the gold cup silver cup, as the customer’s good reputation. And a customer happy shopping environment to win the good reputation of customers.

my store is compact, but I still in this limited space, open up a place for customers to rest, free of charge to provide drinking water, as long as the weather is hot, ceiling fan is usually open. You don’t say, really get a lot of customer praise.

remember that this summer, one of the two customers who spoke with a foreign accent came into my shop, looked around the shop and went to the place where it was resting. My business busy, no one bothered when the two men walked up to me and said, Zhang boss the environment here is really good, it seems that you are a people ah, all for the sake of customers, so that business people we love.

The original

, the two is our development zone investment to foreign merchants, today they to the city to purchase issued to employees in summer welfare, visited a number of home, I see the environment here is good, come around, and rest, finally, one of two people together, here for purchasing the. After the event, through the publicity of the two, there are several units in the Development Zone, now come to me to buy goods. When it’s all right, they’ll take their families and go out here and pick up something. read more

China West Normal University to apply for approval of the fall of entrepreneurship subsidies

our country attaches great importance to the encouragement and support of college students, a variety of subsidies. We look forward to this form of support to help students create a passenger to solve the employment problem, began his career dream.

Business subsidies

State College is a preferential policy support for college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship. All college students and graduates of college graduates in 5 years, hatch in University Business Park, park, garden of science and technology, innovation and entrepreneurship club and innovation platform in entrepreneurial projects and through business registration or the registration of the main business, the university innovation platform for industrial and commercial registration or the registration of the business subject to, and in the local establishment of the innovation and entrepreneurship incubators incubator college students entrepreneurial projects, confirmed by the relevant departments, give 10 thousand yuan venture subsidies. read more

After 80 dessert shop girl entrepreneurial experience

Hong Zhu dessert shop positioning is more unique, hoping to reflect the sweet and privacy, so in the purchase of tablecloths and tableware up and down a lot of effort. She is an ingenious addition to the store with an additional cultural area to post photos and notes, and to encourage customers to post their own personal photos and travel photos. Dessert shop to attract the target group is young people, the network is a social group of young people, Hong Zhu, then on the local website to promote dessert shop.

Two years after their

read more

Enterprises need to pay attention to the event during the exhibition

now there are a lot of social enterprises in order to obtain the opportunity and investment, will choose to actively go for some local or other areas of investment and enterprises participating in the exhibition activities, the process also need to pay attention to many problems.

1. in strict accordance with the prescribed time and Exhibition exhibitors show, do not be late, do not leave early. To be equipped with wear badges entering the museum, as a professional trade show, no badges are not allowed to enter, so please keep, not lost in case of loss, please contact the organizer. read more

Guangzhou restaurant operators must see the profit skills

Guangzhou has a very strong diet culture, many food items, to find their own investment projects is not an easy thing to investment in Guangzhou catering market, now choose more and more friends catering to join the project, of course, between the pressure of competition is inevitable. The most important thing is to know what is the reason for success? Which depends on the success of the restaurant business, understand the business is not difficult.

and model values and the

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Health care stores shop before what needs to be done to prepare the whole

health care franchise store development prospects is very large, and the business is also very popular in nature to attract more entrepreneurs, although health care stores can create wealth for everyone, but this process still need to constantly innovate and find new skills, so that everyone in the open health care stores have the extra pay attention to these problems, combined with practical way to get health care franchise is successful, then

will start from here!

1. early market research, the time of 3-5 days, the method is to ask for health care: A: the production of a complete business district, health care stores to do what to do? Mark the location of their health care, the distribution of the main competition, integrated residential, large and medium commercial areas (street), the main roads and landmark buildings and river distribution. B: understand the competitive store situation, formulate the corresponding strategy and give their store location. Including the size of the opponent, technology, fees, brand name, price, the overall service location, wide publicity activities, the number of customers and price level, store decoration, etc.. read more

Choose drinks store has what skills the whole

tea, drinks as seasons drinks, its market demand has been great, now want to drink the franchise you understand the opportunities in that direction? How the production of beverage equipment? How to debug? Open an own beverage stores what skills? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope you can help.

investigate the history of beverage brands, the rise and development of the beverage to join the brand must have its history, choose what kind of beverage store skills? Understanding the course of its development will help you understand the brand’s business sense, vision and determination. And now the domestic brands, a lot of foreign brands, you have to clear the line!

to investigate the production capacity of the headquarters, investors are directly targeted at the brand has sufficient capacity, stable production, product positioning is scientific? Whether the product itself has the characteristics of the product structure is reasonable or not?? whether the product line and other key? These questions must be investigated, to know the choice of drinks to join the brand of the product price is very poor, there’s no guarantee of quality, natural sales is not ideal, the more difficult to expand the business of read more

ce cream stores how good location

ice cream is a lot of friends like dessert, if you want to open an ice cream store, then the site is very important, then the site where the business will be better? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope you can help.

A franchise must understand the site of an ice cream

, have some theoretical knowledge, so, the ice cream chain joined the potential consumer groups where? Now some investors due to lack of experience marketing, individual subjective assumptions, the address selection is not in place, how to choose? We think close to traffic trunk road as well, ice cream stores to the site? Or in the city’s main commercial street. Because the area is worth, not only popular and conditions are relatively superior, because the position of prominent and obvious, it’s easy to find and locate the customer.

convenient, fast traffic environment, but also operators to consider the location of the problem should pay attention to, how to choose the ice cream store? Ice cream to join the chain around the traffic conditions are superior, especially now consumers have a higher demand for the surrounding environment and geographical location. read more

Changchun successfully held the fifth employment fair

Changchun has successfully held the four annual employment Expo to help many job seekers to find their favorite jobs. At the same time there are many entrepreneurial join projects, there are entrepreneurial ideas, but there is no entrepreneurial ideas to provide an opportunity for another investment.

10 15 days to 16 days,   by China employment promotion,   Jilin province people club hall,   Changchun jointly sponsored by the city people club Bureau and other departments of the fifth session of China · Changchun employment fair in Changchun opening.

the Expo collected a total of 2282 entrepreneurial projects,   organize recruitment unit 840,   for job seekers to provide 30 thousand jobs.   Expo set up   "Internet entrepreneurship employment experience" "public entrepreneurship,   people’s innovative services"   "join the chain venture project docking"   a series of functional exhibition hall.     synchronization during the Expo, held Changchun Municipal Science and technology achievement promotion,   Alibaba; local service center floor Jilin launching ceremony cum hundred thousand school signing ceremony, the 2014 annual       "Changchun Friendship Award" awards ceremony and other series of theme activities. read more

A number of Taiyuan banks can handle the mortgage business to the public Business

in Taiyuan, you can apply for loans to the public, as detailed introduction, we look at the following text bar. Taiyuan housing provident fund " business to public " the process has been adjusted from the admissibility of the business to the bank to handle the business procedures are fine-tuning, it is recommended to apply for the relevant business people in advance to do " homework ".

11 bank can apply for the transfer of public business

as of now, the city has a total of 11 banks can accept the "business to business", respectively, construction bank, Bank of communications, Chinese Agricultural Bank, industrial bank, CITIC Bank, Industrial Commercial Bank of China Ltd Shanxi branch, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Taiyuan branch of Limited by Share Ltd, China Minsheng Banking Corp, Limited by Share Ltd Taiyuan branch of China Merchants Bank branch in Taiyuan, Bohai Bank of Taiyuan branch of Limited by Share Ltd, Limited by Share Ltd and Taiyuan Merchants Bank branch. read more

A two pot of hot pot in order to win the business strategy

rare, because the less so expensive is the same concept can be applied to the business, you want your food and beverage brands must come up with a surprise, let consumers have not seen the unusual form, so that nature can attract consumers. As long as it can attract consumers to pay attention to the business can be taken in one fell swoop. In the hot pot industry there is such a legendary brand – a pot of hot pot. A pot of two pot of hot pot does not take the usual hot pot, in the ingredients, the production process is very strange, so diners appetite. Entrepreneurship in order to win the victory, a pot of two cow hot pot shock debut, is the best way to get wealth. Join a pot of two cows, creating a wealth of food legend.

a pot of hot pot, a pot, a hundred kinds of flavor, so that you can eat hot pot can also eat new ideas. Traditional, fashion, health, a pot of hot pot is the traditional and modern cooking art masterpiece, not only is the consumer’s favorite, but also the first choice for entrepreneurs, product projects have the following advantages. read more