The unique business project a good tea to join the red bus

Although the development of

‘s market is more and more fierce, but the drinks industry is always a good development, can be said to have been good occupied the leading position in the market, an important part of the indispensable drinks are also now consumers into life, ah market particularly popular. Now on the market drinks brand is very much, whether it is the consumer or venture investors, choose a quality assurance beverage brand is very important. The red bus recommended tea is very good, in the current market is one of the most popular franchise brand. Red bus tea to join, small cost, higher profits.

is a red bus to join the tea drinks modernization project headquarters, according to different consumer demand for drinks, targeted for the development of new products. A series of products are unique for each series, the market quickly gain popularity. Red bus tea stores all over the country in major city, to bring the delicacy to consumers nationwide.

red bus headquarters will join the tea, exclusive production technology transfer. Unified distribution of secret material package, all over the franchisee can easily make the same flavor with the headquarters, different for product tastes and worry. Red bus tea variety excellent taste, welcomed by consumers and recognition. read more

What do you want to do in the menu

since it is a food and beverage shops, naturally also need to have a more professional and systematic menu, so that they can let diners choose to make their own more satisfied with the food. However, the menu in the end how to make it, but it bothers a lot of people. Of course, want to make a good menu, naturally there are more attention. So, what are the matters needing attention?


menu symbol baozaifan stores feature level: on the menu items, food beverage variety, price and quality can show Kung Fu pot stores product features and standards, to give the guests a good and deep impression. A beautifully produced, the design of the menu will tend to increase the appetite of customers, the color of incense to overflow, look at figure. The following Xiaobian for everyone to develop rice balls to join the menu to pay attention to what.

pot rice food shop in general is not many varieties, mainly a series of features or series of flavors, and product standards. Baozaifan stores dishes can not copy others ready-made business or menu, must make clear its own characteristics, the local, the restaurant dishes, some unique local flavor dishes, as a selling point, and then according to their own characteristics, provide a unique service, especially in the aspects of appearance, taste, nutrition and food to show their own characteristics. read more

Nanjing for zombie enterprises to establish a mandatory exit mechanism

wave of entrepreneurship continues to continue, many people do not want to work as a younger sister or migrant workers, self employment has become the consensus of many people. But due to various reasons, a lot of people although registered in the company, but the actual operation of the above are not, for these zombie companies, Nanjing to establish a mandatory exit mechanism, we know the specific.

yesterday, the Nanjing Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau held a two quarter press conference. Modern Express reporter learned that, as of June 30th, Nanjing 724 thousand and 100 annual market participants should participate in the annual report, the completion of the annual report of 544 thousand and 700 publicity. There are 179 thousand and 400 households did not complete the annual publicity, has been included in the business sector "business unusual list, will bring risks for future evaluation and loan.

employees from the enterprise to declare the situation, the scale of employment to further expand the number of employees in Nanjing enterprises have 3 million 916 thousand people, an increase of 7.8% over the previous year. However, there are many zombie companies, especially individual industrial and commercial households, due to demolition, mismanagement and other factors of natural exit, resulting in a large number of long-term non operating households exist. read more

Successful shop location three trick


address of the shop, often can post to business plays a huge role, so a successful location is very necessary, here, Xiaobian according to numerous investors experience, launched three successful trick shop choose to you!

back against the tree, by Yangming

because the newly opened shop, there must be a process of accumulation in terms of visibility or source. Many entrepreneurs boil this stage, in the year after the opening of the collapse. If you store in a well-known store nearby, can share the old accumulated visibility and popularity; if you organize and store the goods is well-known goods complementary, then your store has started preliminary consumer groups (such as lingerie and Beauty Academy complementary).

in the bustling business district of the second business store choice

the bustling business district of relatively strong popularity, concentrated consumption has become the very many entrepreneurs preferred store choice. But in the early days of the business district, tens of thousands of monthly rent and a lot of money transfer fee will make your money immediately stretched. In addition, the bustling shopping district in the large shopping malls regular discounts, gift giving activities will make your store a serious impact on people. read more

The Sinbab kids what are the advantages of

children’s clothing to join the project, has been very lively. Entrepreneurial choice to enter the children’s clothing market, no doubt, is a very choice of market opportunities. How about Sinbab? Quality children’s clothing to join the project, the best choice for small business. So, what are you hesitating about?

Xin Babu children’s wear agent one of the country’s first stop shop mode

if you want to open a clothing store, but hate the shop process complex, want to enjoy the nanny’s support policy, want to do a thorough shuaishouzhanggui. The choice of Sinbab to a children’s agency, the reason is very simple, Sinbab’s agent headquarters in the country the first one-stop shop mode, any franchisee can enjoy from the store location, decoration, shop planning, goods supply, management training, customer service service the whole 360 degrees of support. One stop shop, Sinbab children’s wear agent allows you to open a simple shop, easy to do a boss. read more

Organic hard way to help the farmers to build up the family fortunes

with the process of modern urban accelerating, the vast rural areas has become a main battlefield of entrepreneurship, there are a lot of farmers also have started to return home to start a business, rural entrepreneurship course and land cannot do without relationship.

emerald castle, green love. In summer, the line depth of Wuding River Wuding Wushen Town Village interview, Wuding River on both sides of fresh and rich beauty picture like the spreading of poetry. In the Wuding planting town 2300 acres of organic rice, rice seedling swaying, off layers of green, rice beside the pond in knots small crab leisurely "rampage", 1000 acres of paddy North Sandy vineyards, birds and insects and whinny came, people living in the desert edge, to the south of the Yangtze River experience.

"used here is a piece of grassland meadow, in 2012, we were planning and investment, cooperation with the return of the young Liang Xiaoping, planting organic rice here, Wuding River planting demonstration base construction of organic rice, and as an important part of Hugh Sara in Wusu leisure agricultural park to build health. The use of advanced organic cultivation technology, the implementation of artificial weeding, crab pest control, organic fertilization, to ensure the realization of true green and organic health standards. Rice yield 500-600 kg, the price is 3-5 times the original ordinary rice, effectively increasing the income of local farmers. At present, the base has formed an organic rice and crab breeding industry cycle. Rice is pure green organic rice, the market sold 60 yuan per kilogram." Party secretary of the town Party Secretary Wang Gang said. read more