Good environment can store to win good reputation

reputation of a shop once up, basically do not worry about business, just sit in the shop can wait for customers to come. Because of this, the gold cup silver cup, as the customer’s good reputation. And a customer happy shopping environment to win the good reputation of customers.

my store is compact, but I still in this limited space, open up a place for customers to rest, free of charge to provide drinking water, as long as the weather is hot, ceiling fan is usually open. You don’t say, really get a lot of customer praise.

remember that this summer, one of the two customers who spoke with a foreign accent came into my shop, looked around the shop and went to the place where it was resting. My business busy, no one bothered when the two men walked up to me and said, Zhang boss the environment here is really good, it seems that you are a people ah, all for the sake of customers, so that business people we love.

The original

, the two is our development zone investment to foreign merchants, today they to the city to purchase issued to employees in summer welfare, visited a number of home, I see the environment here is good, come around, and rest, finally, one of two people together, here for purchasing the. After the event, through the publicity of the two, there are several units in the Development Zone, now come to me to buy goods. When it’s all right, they’ll take their families and go out here and pick up something.

a truly recognized by the shop, not only from the point of view of the shop, but also need to consider from the consumer’s point of view. So, as a manager, not only consider their own money, and try to work hard in the business environment, for customers to create an intimate, comfortable shopping environment, create a "soft environment" is very important, the only way to win the customer’s favor, won a good reputation, good business. Big business.

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