Changchun autumn franchise stations help entrepreneurs find good projects

in the business boom, more and more people started the road to riches, and with the growing awareness of the brand, and now the development of more mature franchise mode, let Changchun entrepreneurs have more choices. Changchun autumn franchise to join more than 500 brands to join the project site for the majority of entrepreneurs to provide a greater stage of employment.

it is reported that the 2016 Changchun in the fall of the seventh chain of Venture Capital Exhibition hosted by the Jilin Provincial Department of Commerce, Changchun Vinda Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Jilin Foreign Affairs Service center. At the Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 7, there will be 500 to join the project, more than 3 venture capital elite to participate in the exhibition.

exhibition covers food and beverage, education and training, franchise services, brand franchise, beauty fitness, scientific and technological achievements, health care, financial management, organic green food, such as nine categories. To participate in the exhibition of the old brand: brother, Fujisaki Zushi, our country fierce, Yi Bei Jie, marine science and technology, hot pot, spicy mud Zhen Yu wild nature, Qingyuan, Tianjin Bozhen, Harano Fumiwa, forest, herd, perfect beef offal SunnyGreen pizza, Chuan Xiang Huo pride, remember the old pan sheep scorpions, Shenyang fast food product source alliance, catering, purple cloud, A Hua with delicacy. The supermarket, Shanxi to eat noodles, spring house, Mongolia Bai Yuan Yang Zhuang, Grandpa Liu chain, take the nanny, mom, mom, home Boiled dumplings noodles, cotton candy and other new brands to join the art exhibition and add more vitality.

chain venture project exhibition has been successfully held in Changchun 6, has become the largest and most influential in the northeast of the franchise event. In May of this year’s spring exhibition leaders to visit the site to guide the exhibitors harvest, signed a total of 1300, signing a total of 27 million 800 thousand yuan; intention of signing 2021, the intention to sign the bill amounted to 291 million 500 thousand yuan. Autumn exhibition since June, since the establishment of a warm response, booth has been booked, catering chain enterprises to become a major highlight of this exhibition.

set off across the wave of entrepreneurship, for helping entrepreneurs in policy, in fact in order to support entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to promote employment, recently also launched Changchun and held a number of similar venture exhibition activities, the autumn Changchun franchise in large scale power station, the investor would find the project, provide greater stage for the realization of entrepreneurial employment dream.

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