Beauty shop to retain customers is to retain the wealth

this is a value of more than all the times, the beauty market profits amazing, so open a beauty salon can definitely get rich quickly. The most important thing is to open a beauty shop, how to retain customers, let them become loyal customers?

industrialization in the commodity rich, the overall market saturation after the era of customer relationship is the most valuable asset, and thus become a most important goal to pursue business knowledge. You do not see, the recruitment of marketing staff advertising, the "customer" or "a wide range of social relations" as a prerequisite for more and more? Wide point of view, the "relationship" is almost a sign of the quintessence of culture, but Chinese, did not know the "relationship" is severe, most people are not affected by the fate of ups and downs, see the "relationship".

tells the basic development of customer relationship, you have to have a long-term view. In other words, customer relations can not be developed overnight, it is a slow worker, is a fine job. The truth is we with "a long line to catch a big fish" and "relationship" techniques. Regardless of the fish big fish small, the relationship between the development of fishing patience, but not three days fishing nets for two days. So, how long?

ads, you need to do long-term plan and a long-term plan. In front of the online advertising has been said that the basic steps and key points, do not repeat here. Suppose you all ready, ready to launch in 123, several media that good, you have to build a detailed database record for advertising time, location, frequency, effect, better arrangement and so on, not only do a line arrangement.

marketing practice, you need at least three times in the sight of potential customers, they may begin to pay attention to you, at least seven times, people can be really interested in you. Like the real business environment, there are more and more fierce competition on the internet. You must adhere to the "war of resistance" for a long time, in order to occupy your place.

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