Chengdu to provide entrepreneurs with free rent

for many entrepreneurs who, in the early course of business which will encounter many problems, at the same time, the entrepreneurial process of some government departments to help the entire business is also a very important link.

may be a lot of entrepreneurs think that Chengdu has different from the north of Guangzhou low       Gen     industry; environment. But in fact, after looking after Chengdu’s business costs for some people remain high.

then to Chengdu business people, if we don’t want to far away from the urban area of Chengdu, and to take a cost-effective business space, where to go? Entrepreneurial world so big, Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter took everyone to look around!

Zhongjiang Sichuan Economic Development Zone

"through the open area now has built 4 incubators, area of more than 5 square meters." After the opening of the Party committee secretary Gan Zhi introduction, Zhongjiang county government has invested 1 million 150 thousand yuan to subsidize the incubator rent, settled incubator enterprises enjoy the first two years before the rent free preferential policies. At the same time, the government invested 50 thousand yuan for the incubator network construction and network costs, to provide free broadband access services for settled enterprises.

"for college students’ entrepreneurship, we also provide different services." Gan Zhi introduced in the incubator, the construction of 500 square meters of college students entrepreneurship center and public technology innovation platform. In the enterprise, the creation of a creative center, and to hire experts to carry out innovative entrepreneurial counseling college students, we want to attract ambitious, capable young entrepreneurs to venture here."

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