Keep in mind that these four points easily find prospective customers

1. who’s selling stuff to


know sales skills: how to determine your customer is prospective customers?

if you feel you are selling something to the customer, such as a variety of proposals, your proposal is very interested in, and you are always in the best of spirits, this is definitely a good thing.

and sales is only a first no second game, the first is lucky, but unlucky is not the last guy, but with the end of second candidates have been silly, do all the work, but they did not get what.

2. who is working on the next


3. discuss the depth of the problem

instead, if this stage of customer to discuss with you the problem is still very broad attention, or in the product, the price of these factors on the body, the customer did not seriously consider your things, he just want to pull your bottom, this could be done to system needs (such as the regulations of the company purchasing must have three suppliers in May), is the first candidate you keep awe, don’t let the first candidate lion big openings.

4. understanding of the product

if in the sales process, a product demonstration part, this judgment will be more obvious. In demo >

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