Fuzhou South Park in Taihu stone is false is true

in the life of the government in order to create a number of tourist attractions, usually at the expense of a large price, but all the data behind really want to what is it? Fuzhou South Park, many people found the park Taihu stone color, suspected fraud. September 9th, the park 3 rock samples were sent to the Ministry of land and mineral resources supervision and inspection center in Fuzhou, rock and mineral identification. Yesterday, the Taijiang District Bureau of parks announced the test report, saying that the 3 samples are limestone class, consistent with the main components of Taihu stone".

previously, the construction side of Fujian province ho Green Engineering Co Ltd said that the procurement of Taihu stone price is 4 million 800 thousand yuan; but yesterday, the company has given a different price, "said Taihu stone into good and poor in two, the total cost is reduced to 2 million 320 thousand yuan". Wang Changchun, director of the Taijiang Bureau of parks and gardens, said that the requirements of the Taihu stone in the South Park are limestone, if it is false, as the owner of the unit, they will not pay a penny.

test report released 5000 tons only take 3 samples

Taijiang garden Bureau yesterday announced that their organization design, construction and supervision units, the randomly selected 3 samples sent to the Ministry of land and resources of Fuzhou mineral resources supervision and Inspection Center (Fujian Province geological testing center), for mineral identification. Test report shows that the 3 samples are limestone, consistent with the main components of Taihu stone.

for the test results, supervision unit of Fuzhou Guang Rong Construction Management Co., ltd.. In addition, the construction side also provides a certificate of origin industry associations, proof of the South Park rockery stone used for Taihu stone, in line with the design requirements".

, however, this test report does not convince the public. Yesterday, some people pointed out that the South Park has more than 5 thousand tons of Taihu stone, only the selection of the sample submitted to the 3, and can not prove that there is no fake Taihu stone park.

also said the public, in accordance with common sense, gemstone identification book, you need to attach a sample photo. But Taijiang District Bureau of parks staff sent to reporters in the mail, did not issue a test report, and that the testing department only reports, no sample photos. Specific sampling details are not released.

Haidu reporter from south park scene of the 3 rock garden, by experts, geological professionals confirmed that the reporter from 3 blocks are not limestone.

owners: Garden "Taihu stone" non fine stone

yesterday, the reporter visited the South Park, found in the Park rockery stone, there are still a large number of red, yellow stone, and Taihu gray stone gap.

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