The most popular venture

would like to venture or to find the most popular ideas, what is the most popular items on the market is very good, pay attention to observe what will be a new harvest. Different small ideas can also make hundreds of millions of wealth, just seize the opportunity to fight.

characteristics of tea tea tea sales mainly features flowers, and the sale of fruit tea, which has been popular in some domestic large and medium-sized city. Often drink fresh tea can be beauty skin care, regulate nerve function, promote metabolism, improve body immunity. Suitable for the ten kinds of fresh flowers, such as red roses, white chrysanthemums, peony flowers, honeysuckle, etc., the price of 100-300 yuan per kilogram. At present, people drink fresh tea is also one of the few, but it will lead the new fashion of tea in the near future, has a broad market prospect. Initial investment is not large, the need for rent, decoration, tea equipment and other costs about 25 thousand yuan.

The residual liquid

vitrotype digital museum project is mainly engaged in the art of figures such as works, picture processing porcelain figurines. Investment needs 20 thousand yuan, of which 12 thousand yuan for the purchase of a set of digital porcelain bricks, baking printing equipment, a computer, a scanner, printer; 5000 yuan for personnel wages and a 20 square meter store (including processing room) the first rent 3000 yuan for liquidity. Processing personnel will be simple computer operation, 2 people can operate. Early may be appropriate to do some publicity.

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