Squeeze acne infected with dangerous triangle area do not tamper with

face long acne, always make people can not help but to squeeze, the following things can be true to tell you that the face of acne is not easy to squeeze, Yancheng, a young man squeeze acne sepsis! A few days ago, 29 year old boy in Dongtai, Yancheng Yu came to Kunshan to do something. In the upper lip of the left out of a pimple. Then, small Yu very habits on the hand will be squeezed out of the.


it is such a seemingly insignificant action is almost to his life: not long out of acne, small Yu face began to redness, fever and other symptoms; then to Kunshan people’s Hospital for treatment, but because of the serious illness, have transferred to the Soochow University Affiliated First People’s hospital. The first people’s Hospital Affiliated to Soochow University was diagnosed with septicemia.

FM91.1 told Suzhou news broadcast journalist, deputy director of the Zhao Weifeng

coincidentally, a few years ago, Guangdong a 15 year old girl were 3 of blain on the face and forehead, causing swollen face, have a fever, or even serious intracranial infection and septicemia, after the rescue of 4 days before easing slightly.

There have been many

"dangerous triangle" don’t disturb

what is the "dangerous area"?

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