Jiaxing actively promote the public space construction

is now around in order to promote entrepreneurship, to create a series of business service platform, the public record space and hit off the home of such a new vocabulary have also appeared, now the city of Jiaxing is actively promoting the construction of public record space ".

multi-creation space as a new business service platform, aims to "innovation and entrepreneurship to create a good ecological environment, stimulate the creativity of hundreds of millions of people, to create a new engine of economic development, is to accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, an important carrier and initiatives to promote public Entrepreneurship, innovation". Jiaxing City, according to the views of the public record on the development space of the spirit of the State Council and the Zhejiang Province, actively promote the construction of public record space, focus on the development of investment promotion, training counseling, creating incubator and other characteristics of the public record space, to create a batch of low cost, convenience, and open to the public record space, such as "Beidou Gen Jiali Hakkas" and "zero or one wisdom Valley", Haining Su River? "Public record space" and "creating commune", "Kechuang space public record" and other public record space.

"BD record Jiali Hakka" by Jiaxing Jiali Electronics Co. Ltd. components, a total investment of 10 million, planning 5000 square meters to build new office building, belonging to the professional public record space, mainly to attract downstream industries Beidou off and create entrepreneurial team agglomeration, to get through the barriers each link Beidou industry chain, the formation of industrial agglomeration of Beidou carrier the development of advantage, providing entrepreneurial mentoring, expert consultation, technology alliance channels supply, seed funding, research laboratory, pilot production base of hardware and software support.

"zero or one wisdom Valley" is established by Shanghai Jiaotong University Jiaxing science and Technology Park, Zhejiang Xiuzhou WITHUB science and technology innovation center, specifically for college students, youth social entrepreneurship and innovation and entrepreneurship in public venues, financing, marketing and other service elements in one of the open innovation business space, mainly for industrial design, intelligent robot and the Internet, electronic commerce, cultural creative team and individual virtual service space, has nearly 500 square meters of free and open space, the space provided nearly 30 office and 10 independent office space, space for the public record in site relief, project investment, training and guidance, etc. has support, has been successfully introduced Zhejiang brightoil, Jiaxing sleep interest, Zhejiang Rui Peng 3 entrepreneurial innovation company.

"hit off communes" by Tongxiang Cotrun recommended

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