The shop management how to play the security card

years of hard struggle, finally to the new year, this is very pleased to do, if the security is not well, it is possible to become great rejoicing. In short, nearly a year, a year when retail sales season, Unlimited Business Opportunities; also a year when most security risks. How to profit in addition to the disadvantages, play safe this card, secure a year, peace of mind to make money?

first, do a good job of theft, theft prevention measures to ensure that the shop is not subject to loss.

new year is coming, is the most concentrated period of theft. Coupled with the end of the flow of personnel increased, criminals also sloshing around, the driver. Our retail store staff is limited, there are many deficiencies in the security management, we must always improve the awareness of vigilance, careful screening of past customers. For suspected customers, should take the initiative to talk about his movements, the initiative to help shopping at the same time, a euphemism for warning. For example: just repaired the monitoring, there is no time to sort out the goods, want to buy what I want to help you find the kind of goods, it is timely to give up their illegal ideas.

if there are criminals to shop, the owner must first calm, fight after fight, pay attention to strategies and methods, euphemism guide, visit, borrow selected goods form, into the shop safety measure and complete information, to take the initiative to give up, to avoid violence.

closed shop late, there must be a man sitting shop, to enhance the deterrent effect.

prevents the closed shop theft, shall promptly repair security doors and windows, monitoring equipment to the location of shading combined with which play the role of legislator,, was destroyed in the individual camera, monitoring ability is still not affected. Conditional owner, to install automatic alarm equipment, to ensure the safety of shops, peace of mind.

is the largest sales season, the passenger flow will increase than usual, can hardly be avoided pilfering phenomenon, it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, each owner has its own set of anti stealing secrets, as long as to improve the degree of importance, basic can avoid, not to say.

second, to improve the ability to prevent fraud, eliminate unnecessary losses.

a variety of social fraud, full of various industries, all pervasive, is beginning to penetrate our retail stores. Some shopkeepers reflect that he had received a call from the account manager. The account manager said that he is a new account manager, in order to ensure the supply of cigarettes during the Spring Festival, to improve the profitability of the retail business, the Office approved the manual order. As long as the payment to the designated account, tobacco smoke to the door. At first the owner is suspected, but the other side can accurately tell the owner’s personal information, skeptical. Finally, the tobacco bureau to call, to fully understand that this is a scam, the purpose is

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