How to join the jewelry industry to expand the market

because of the jewelry industry has many limitations, so had to regulate. If you have been engaged in the jewelry industry, want to expand the market. Xiao Bian accumulated from the actual experience, for you to analyze the jewelry industry as well as the expansion of the market strategy, I hope to help you.

, a unified understanding of

many enterprises started from the original retail or wholesale, franchise business to do from top to bottom are not very good understanding, involvement with practical work will be greatly reduced. Therefore, enterprises should vigorously carry out publicity and education, unified employee ideas, work closely together, firmly forward toward the goal of big join.

key points: to allow all employees to truly realize the importance of work.


many jewelry enterprises in planning to join business there is no clear strategic objectives and marketing plans, or replace the marketing plan with the strategic plan, free to join in business development, did not fully consider their SWOT and join in the market hot to go, the result is as can be imagined.

key points: to do market research, analysis of the characteristics of the industry, according to the brand influence, to expand the market difficulty degree, market saturation and determine the expansion coefficient of difficulty, so as to formulate the overall plan development.

team building

Key points:

A, determine the franchise business management organizational structure, be sure to recruit and select the experienced management staff with a global concept, full-time staff, to join the business of unified management;

B, should pay attention to good business negotiation and follow-up service personnel characteristics, the difference between the arrangement of work;

C, but also to the relevant business staff to strengthen professional training.


perfect franchise development policy is the foundation of success. Prior to joining the business, to develop a sound policy as the focus of the work, and in accordance with the actual situation in the work for timely adjustment.

key points: perfect join in policy contains join business development operation specifications, manual, franchise development incentive schemes, joining in the business management way, etc..

five, the laws and regulations of

> in the join in business development

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