What do you do to make money profitable rural business

in today’s entrepreneurial team, the proportion of farmers and friends is growing, that is, more and more farmers began to embark on the road of entrepreneurship. So, what business to make money in rural areas? And for your detailed analysis.

1. analysis: look at what you are good at business, love what you love, only you can do in this industry, will let you feel the work is not very hard, adventure.has, you do a good job of making money.

2. market analysis market analysis: the main purpose is to allow you to find a suitable for you around the market, also said to find a competitive and market prospects of the industry, this will allow you to relieve the pressure in the early stage of the business, will make you money fast.

3. analysis of interpersonal relationship: look around you can use on, you need to have the rich experience and the interpersonal relationship network, you must know the advantages and their competitors in which we, how to deal with, the only way you entrepreneurial success rate will be high.

4. make a reasonable plan: combine the above statements into a reasonable and feasible plan.

5. good attitude: the beginning, don’t expect to be able to not lose, even if there are 90% nine sure to prepare to fail.   business also needs a perseverance, is a kind of persist, never give up perseverance, to make it difficult for fear of you and not to be afraid of difficulties, to solve the problem as a pleasure, so as to make you in the business period was not overwhelming pressure more and more aggressive.

you start in the rural areas, the first to do the cultivation of agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc…

second to do the processing of agricultural products, such as plastic greenhouse cultivation of anti season vegetables, such as planting and processing of edible fungus.



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