Lanzhou Longyuan beachhead overseas Chinese to achieve a new round of investment success

needs to have a good investment and investment in a city and region, and in many places are now at the start of commercial development vigorously, commercial development needs government investment, recently, in Gansu on the strong investment.

in the important national industrial base, northwest region is an important economic growth pole, opening to the west, an important strategic platform to undertake industrial transfer demonstration zone under the guidance of the strategic direction of development, more and more businessmen have entered the Lanzhou area, looking for business opportunities. At the same time, great changes occurred in the District of Lanzhou, has also attracted the attention of chamber of commerce.

lanqia Hui on the eve of the chamber of Commerce delegation China Federation vice chairman Wang Chengyun led 122 people to Lanzhou district to conduct field visits, the development of new key projects and social economy were investigated, a detailed understanding of the infrastructure construction, the new tourism industry and other aspects of the investment environment and policy.

"arrived in Lanzhou district where all feel take on an altogether new aspect, construction, overall planning, positioning is very good, to give people a sense of bright eyes. In this study, the main objective is to understand the future planning and construction of New District, according to their actual situation to find some opportunities for cooperation ", the general manager of Beijing echon Jialian Technology Co., Ltd. Chen Xiaoyan said.

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