What are the successful home Tea Museum Raiders

what kind of business can be done in the end, the need to combine the needs of the market. In short, only the real demand, such business will be hot up. The tea house can give busy city people to provide a good place for tea, calm the mood, but also can let the tea reward people leisure arts. With the rise of tea culture, more and more tea houses around the country, sometimes in a street will appear several different tea museum. According to incomplete statistics, there are a total of 500 Tea Museum in Beijing (not including the establishment of the hotel and the hotel is not registered in the tea house alone).

1, tea is not open the door to make money

on the surface, the tea house should certainly make money, because now out tea consumption is often more expensive than a meal, but the tea house seems very low cost, neither hired chef, and not many buy raw materials, it seems only a dozen boxes of tea, dozens of tea set. A dozen people drinking the attendants to stress the point in some water purification equipment can.

it is understood that the per capita consumption of Tea Museum in fifty yuan or more, some in about $100. It looks like a huge profit. However, it is undeniable that the tea house on the location, decoration and other hardware requirements to be higher, tea, after all, not as many people eat. So it is not open a tea shop to make money?

Beijing is a well-known five tea house, the first five gallery was founded in 1984, is considered to be a relatively successful operation. Existing chain of 7 ~ 8, all of these stores are independent accounting system. According to the general manager of the company, there are also a lot of losses in the chain, mainly due to the different business strategies of the stores, consumer groups are different. It seems not to open a tea shop can make money.

2, targeting business guests

from the tea business Wufu can be seen, if you want to make money, the tea house is the key location. That is what people will come to tea shop consumption? Guests can be roughly divided into three kinds, one is a friend encounter chat, one is entertainment, there is an informal business communication.

to five Tea Museum as an example, five different places have different consumer groups, such as the Xueyuan Road branch, scholars and professors of Beijing Normal University and their families constitute the main consumer group; Fucheng stores provide a great place to negotiate, leisure in the ministries of personnel and business personnel in the west of the city, only Fuchengmen there are thousands of gold, silver membership of two thousand; while the Asian Sports Village shop is located in Beijing theater, has a large parking lot in front of the Asian Games have advantage to attract " " bosses.

different consumer groups, there will be differences in consumption capacity, the turnover of the store

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