Novice entrepreneurs how to join the Deli

many people like to eat cooked food, open a Deli has become a lot of entrepreneurs have ideas. So the question is, how to join the novice entrepreneurs Deli? What is the process? About joining the deli process will be introduced in detail for you!

1. website message or telephone consultation: for example, you can see a brand of cooked food is particularly interested in, want to join, then you can be the food brand online message to the person in charge of, or directly through the call with the project contact.

2.  field visit: to the headquarters of the field observation, and with the headquarters staff to conduct business exchanges, on-site tasting.

3.  signed a contract: both sides confirmed the results of the investigation without controversy, a formal contract.

4.  pay fees: investors to the headquarters to pay the exclusive agency fees, generally 10 thousand or a few thousand dollars, according to different brands cooked food, there are different requirements.

5. technical training: the company free training of all product production technology, so that you can easily experience without any entry.


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