How to inspect underwear joining project

underwear industry now has a new change, more and more chain brands, if you intend to open lingerie stores, may wish to find a chain of brands to join. But you know, in fact, now open underwear store in the choice of the brand is also a stress. How to inspect underwear join project? What skills do you have? Now let’s look at the small series together.

1, to investigate the headquarters and the headquarters of the brand

2, investigate the underwear brand stores

Zhiyingdian directly operated by the Corporation of the chain, namely the company headquarters direct management, investment management, each point of sale business form. The franchisee is organized by the underwear business, the service badge will be authorized to join the Lord, so that the host can join the headquarters of the image, brand, reputation and other terminal stores. Therefore, the franchise business and investors to join more closely.

3, look at the distributor’s network distribution


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