Shenyang college students to raise the maximum amount of loans available 3 million

new year in the new deal after another, following many cities to increase the amount of funds to support entrepreneurship, Shenyang also recently raised the amount of loans. College students can earn up to 3 million yuan of venture capital loans.

in Shenyang College business loans of up to 3 million, recommended entrepreneurial projects may also be subsidized. The day before, Shenyang City People Club Bureau issued on the implementation of the "Circular on further improving the implementation of the views of" the employment work under the new situation of entrepreneurial work related issues, improve Shenyang city all kinds of employment support standard, has already begun to implement.

, small loans notice renamed business loans; labor-intensive small business loans changed to Small and micro businesses loans. That year to recruit new employees to reach the prescribed proportion of small and micro enterprises, with the signing of more than 1 years of labor contracts and pay social insurance premiums in accordance with the law, may apply for an undertaking of not more than 3 million yuan of venture capital loans.

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