The secret of Coca Cola’s success lies here

Coca-Cola and Pepsi competition is the public to see, and in China, Coca-Cola seems to be superior, in the end why Coca-Cola can win the market? This has great relevance to its advertising campaign.

"Huo, Huo, Huo, huo……" A handsome Americans learn China Kung Fu at the scene, he is Coca-Cola bottling investment group Chinese district chief executive officer GlenWalter (Huo Kelong).

"improper Coca-Cola CEO, will not become a kung fu star", he is "come for peace".

2015 in the evening of November 18th, Industrial and Commercial University Of Chongqing School of management fourteenth business forum, Huo Ke Long had a zero distance about the dialogue, but also reveals the main secret of Coca-Cola’s success.

worked for 6 years at Coca-Cola Huo Ke Long, for the company’s corporate culture, development has a very profound understanding, also led the 13 thousand employees to achieve 3 billion sales myth, share the essence of business part of the success of Coca-Cola’s.

"three party" P, passion, perserverance, purpose ", they always keep the passion in the dream on the road, set up an efficient team; always perseverance, confidence in the Chinese market; always have the meaning and value of existence, but also in a better society.

The first is

he to show their family photo at the scene, talked about his youngest son, 4 year old Henry, a real Kung Fu, humorous jokes "if you see my performance today, Dad would say no good, let me tell you how to play the real kung fu."

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