Recommended for college students clothing brand

clothing market began to breakdown, different clothing, suitable for different consumer groups. So, for college students clothing brand? First of all, we should pay attention to college students’ age characteristics and identity, not suitable for wearing expensive clothes, so the low-end sports leisure clothing is more suitable for college students.

of course now with the improvement of living standards, a variety of international first-class leisure clothing brand is very popular among college students. Brand clothing students including Lining, PEAK, 361, Nike, Adidas and other high-end some students are more interested in the clothing brand. These clothing brands, the price is slightly lower to two hundred or three hundred yuan, slightly higher to even more than seven hundred or eight hundred.

now suitable for students of clothing brand is still in sports and leisure clothing. In addition, like Semir, JEANSWEST, YISHION and other leisure brands are also college students Pro gaze. The biggest feature of these clothes is the relatively low price, and product style is very much, but with a small fresh or leisure based. As a result of the college students in the apparel brand sales are very high brand series. In order to make money, these brands also prefer to be in a place where young people are more concentrated, or around the university.

but these students although there are a lot of clothing brand rankings, but overall still in sports and leisure class. In particular, the boys in the class, but also to Lining, Nike and other leading consumer market.

for female students’ clothing brand include Semir, Ayilian, La Natsu Bell and other brands of clothing, the price is not high, if it is to buy or buy season season, prices will be even lower to 100 yuan, and these brands of clothing quality is also very good, style is very novel, thus becoming one of the the most popular brand for the school girls college.


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