nnovative marketing small investment can make big money

want to set foot on the road to get rich, the rich small open mode, we must know how to cater to the market trend, find a way to the innovation of marketing, can quickly break fast toward the front of wealth, wealth to the road.

Xitang store

Investment advice:

gather some more candy information, understand the new varieties of candy, taste and price, and according to customer requirements for good taste, high quality, reasonable collocation of candy, and the new packaging design, highlighting the new tastes and interests, in order to achieve different effects.

if the guest choice of candy packaging itself is very beautiful, also can choose enough grades, transparent glass packaging, let candy candy at a glance; if the guest is very general, you can use pretty wrapping paper put it up against; if the guest is ready for the old 50th wedding anniversary, so can some sugar free collocation type of candy, to prevent the elderly may have diabetes, hypertension etc..

investment reminder:

brains, to expand the scope of the candy. For example: marriage happiness, joy, and best wishes for your new home promotion list of joy, son of joy, the commentary on the title, children abroad…… These are happy events to celebrate. People buy a bag of candy to share with friends, you will have the opportunity to make money.

bestseller for shop

1. steady investment risk. To pay a certain amount to the supplier’s book deposit, someone can ensure timely delivery, and promised within a certain period of time can not sell books can return processing. This can avoid losses caused by the backlog.

2. discerning bead varieties. From the issue of book distribution in recent years, education and health care books has become the two new growth point.

3. advertised to be flexible. The newspaper’s book review edition is the best publicity positions, and other conditions can also open online book business.

4. create brand reputation first. Customers are the best advertising, can give customers a list of best-selling books such as brochures, and gradually form their own business brand.