Paper simulation fruit and vegetable shop business is very hot

the whole jewelry industry with the progress of the society began to move closer to the natural color, and colorful ornaments to Vegetable & Fruit popular, however, there is currently on the market all kinds of plastic products, more of the disadvantages, if to open a store that Vegetable & Fruit simulation paper, business will be very hot.

The simulation process of Vegetable & Fruit

paper Vegetable & Fruit simulation not only production process is simple and low cost. It is a waste paper as raw material, supplemented by watercolor paint, so that the waste recycling and reuse, product display can be recycled after the old paper, is a green material arts and crafts products. In the future, it will be the main material for the simulation of fruits and vegetables in the international market.

investment conditions: 1, the original production simulation Vegetable & Fruit manufacturers, only need to model and mold restructuring, can produce. 2, this product does not require large equipment investment, manual operation also do not need a large investment. 3, the initial investment of 5-10 million can be produced. Cost and profit assessment paper simulation of vegetable and fruit production costs and foam plastic products the same, or even low. Profits can reach more than 20%-30%.

Through the analysis of these market status of

, if you really have a paper simulation Vegetable & Fruit shop, under the huge market demand, will be more easy to do bigger, stronger and thus develop the biggest business space, get the real profit return, to create the most happy rich tomorrow!

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