Meet the four core needs to help improve employee motivation

the way we work now is not working. Even if you are lucky enough to get a job, it may also excited up to go to the office this morning, because of where you feel valued, you find it difficult to finish the most important work in the office, there are all kinds of distractions, don’t you think they are doing what is different. When you get home, you feel like you are almost out of time, but still need to reply to an email until you go to bed.

this feeling more and more common, not only for middle managers, but also for enterprise executives.

Kissam is not the case. Gallup (Gallup) in   2013  a report released in 2011 showed that only   of the United States; 30%  employees feel at work. In the world, nearly   142  within the country, in the work of the staff involved in the proportion of only   13%. In simple terms, is a let people bother, get disheartened experience for most of us, but in a sense, the situation is becoming more serious.

the requirements of people’s time is constantly beyond our ability, we will run out of energy, and this energy is in our life, enjoy their skills and talents needed. Increased competition, the tendency of the economy and the late recovery of the labor force has further increased the pressure. The rise of digital technology may be the biggest factor, we are exposed to an unprecedented flood of information, forcing everyone to read the news, regardless of day and night to respond.

and the "Harvard Business Review" cooperation, conducted a survey in the autumn of last year, to understand the most influential people in investment and productivity in the work of the scope of the investigation, including a series of different companies and industries of white-collar employees of the surveyed population exceeds   12000  people. In addition, we investigated a manufacturing company with   6000  an employee, and a financial company with   2500  an employee. The findings of the three groups are strikingly similar.

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