Retail business can apologize for understanding

in our daily lives, if there is a contradiction with others, many times, "apology" can play a big role, in fact, this can also be applied to our business. When retail customers and customers in a dispute, I think the retail should really keep calm. Regardless of their justification, whether the customer is unreasonable, we should pay attention to prevent the occurrence of positive conflict.

I think if there are mistakes in their work, service is not good, the impact of customer sentiment, then it is necessary to lay down their face, timely initiative to apologize to customers in exchange for their understanding. Even if the customer has the process, we should also openly give consideration, first say sorry to eliminate customer anger. Then listen carefully to their demands, and deal with the customer’s demand for retail.

remember one morning in October 2014, one in the night all night playing mahjong room boy, in my supermarket enough to buy a packet of hard Chinese cigarettes, he always took a taste wrong, that I bought the cigarettes, request a return. So I hurried to say to him: "I’m sorry, the guy has something to say. I have been in the store tobacco companies into the smoke, no cigarettes."

so I from the customer manager to teach me to cause the customer feel smoke flavor is not pure factors, one would like to explain clearly, may say mood, mood and physical factors, etc.. The original man lost 10 thousand yuan a night, my heart is very depressed. After my explanation, the young man did not say anything left, an argument to stop.

comment: whether there is no wrong, if the first to apologize, even if the customer is deliberately finding fault, I am afraid there is no breakthrough. To apologize for customer understanding, I think this is really a good way to avoid disputes with customers. Apologize to the customer, to a large extent to reduce the customer’s anger, reduce grievances. And then give a reasonable explanation, I believe will be able to understand the customer. Apology is actually one of the effective ways to resolve interpersonal conflicts, hoping to attract the attention of retail users.

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