nvestment jewelry chain stores need to pay attention to what details

investment jewelry brand chain need to pay attention to what business details? Many operators are the first investment, inadequate experience, if you want to success you need to learn more skills, grasp more wealth to join the cause.

(1) card use standard: 1) shall not have damaged pallets to the store; 2) beams strong, no damage to shake; 3) to keep the board should not be placed on the card or stand on the board.

(2) the head of the shelf standard: 1) the first shelf of the layout of the new goods, the layout of a large number of popular selling; the same kind of goods should not be placed on the head of the adjacent shelves; 3) always keep the full and neat () 2.

(3) clean standard: 1) all sales area to keep clean, at any time to do without dust, garbage and other broken things; 2) all shelves and goods are not dust.

investment jewelry brand stores, businesses need good management, if your business skill is not very proficient in others can learn a lot of experience, summed up some management problems, investors quickly learn it!

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