Organic hard way to help the farmers to build up the family fortunes

with the process of modern urban accelerating, the vast rural areas has become a main battlefield of entrepreneurship, there are a lot of farmers also have started to return home to start a business, rural entrepreneurship course and land cannot do without relationship.

emerald castle, green love. In summer, the line depth of Wuding River Wuding Wushen Town Village interview, Wuding River on both sides of fresh and rich beauty picture like the spreading of poetry. In the Wuding planting town 2300 acres of organic rice, rice seedling swaying, off layers of green, rice beside the pond in knots small crab leisurely "rampage", 1000 acres of paddy North Sandy vineyards, birds and insects and whinny came, people living in the desert edge, to the south of the Yangtze River experience.

"used here is a piece of grassland meadow, in 2012, we were planning and investment, cooperation with the return of the young Liang Xiaoping, planting organic rice here, Wuding River planting demonstration base construction of organic rice, and as an important part of Hugh Sara in Wusu leisure agricultural park to build health. The use of advanced organic cultivation technology, the implementation of artificial weeding, crab pest control, organic fertilization, to ensure the realization of true green and organic health standards. Rice yield 500-600 kg, the price is 3-5 times the original ordinary rice, effectively increasing the income of local farmers. At present, the base has formed an organic rice and crab breeding industry cycle. Rice is pure green organic rice, the market sold 60 yuan per kilogram." Party secretary of the town Party Secretary Wang Gang said.

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