Successful shop location three trick


address of the shop, often can post to business plays a huge role, so a successful location is very necessary, here, Xiaobian according to numerous investors experience, launched three successful trick shop choose to you!

back against the tree, by Yangming

because the newly opened shop, there must be a process of accumulation in terms of visibility or source. Many entrepreneurs boil this stage, in the year after the opening of the collapse. If you store in a well-known store nearby, can share the old accumulated visibility and popularity; if you organize and store the goods is well-known goods complementary, then your store has started preliminary consumer groups (such as lingerie and Beauty Academy complementary).

in the bustling business district of the second business store choice

the bustling business district of relatively strong popularity, concentrated consumption has become the very many entrepreneurs preferred store choice. But in the early days of the business district, tens of thousands of monthly rent and a lot of money transfer fee will make your money immediately stretched. In addition, the bustling shopping district in the large shopping malls regular discounts, gift giving activities will make your store a serious impact on people.

choose District benefits is easy to see the face. First of all, a large number of stores to save money, can be used for store decoration, commodity organizations, such as the store’s hardware upgrades; secondly, not for large shopping malls promotional activities tired. Can organize their own human nature promotional activities; again, because the distance is not too far away from the main shopping district, you can share the popularity of the main business district.

North South, half; grasp the right hand, success in the hands of

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