Nanjing for zombie enterprises to establish a mandatory exit mechanism

wave of entrepreneurship continues to continue, many people do not want to work as a younger sister or migrant workers, self employment has become the consensus of many people. But due to various reasons, a lot of people although registered in the company, but the actual operation of the above are not, for these zombie companies, Nanjing to establish a mandatory exit mechanism, we know the specific.

yesterday, the Nanjing Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau held a two quarter press conference. Modern Express reporter learned that, as of June 30th, Nanjing 724 thousand and 100 annual market participants should participate in the annual report, the completion of the annual report of 544 thousand and 700 publicity. There are 179 thousand and 400 households did not complete the annual publicity, has been included in the business sector "business unusual list, will bring risks for future evaluation and loan.

employees from the enterprise to declare the situation, the scale of employment to further expand the number of employees in Nanjing enterprises have 3 million 916 thousand people, an increase of 7.8% over the previous year. However, there are many zombie companies, especially individual industrial and commercial households, due to demolition, mismanagement and other factors of natural exit, resulting in a large number of long-term non operating households exist.

for this reason, the second half of Nanjing will accelerate the establishment of a mandatory exit mechanism. On the contrary, the integrity of the quality of the business can be applied to enter the "Shou contract re credit" enterprise. Nanjing in particular for the city, "Shou contract re credit" enterprises tailored to keep heavy loan financial products, to provide more preferential lending rates and other financing policies.

from October last year the implementation of "three in one, one as a code to work since the first half of this year, has issued a photo of a" business license 194 thousand. According to regulations, by the end of next year to complete all replacement, Nanjing has completed about half.

in the process of economic development, although there are a lot of high-quality and trustworthy enterprises, but there is also a part of every one of the enterprises, does not change the vicious banner to do things. Nanjing for zombie companies to establish a mandatory exit mechanism, timely take "three in one, according to a code", that is conducive to strengthening the "zombie enterprises" management, is conducive to the purification of the market environment.

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