What do you want to do in the menu

since it is a food and beverage shops, naturally also need to have a more professional and systematic menu, so that they can let diners choose to make their own more satisfied with the food. However, the menu in the end how to make it, but it bothers a lot of people. Of course, want to make a good menu, naturally there are more attention. So, what are the matters needing attention?


menu symbol baozaifan stores feature level: on the menu items, food beverage variety, price and quality can show Kung Fu pot stores product features and standards, to give the guests a good and deep impression. A beautifully produced, the design of the menu will tend to increase the appetite of customers, the color of incense to overflow, look at figure. The following Xiaobian for everyone to develop rice balls to join the menu to pay attention to what.

pot rice food shop in general is not many varieties, mainly a series of features or series of flavors, and product standards. Baozaifan stores dishes can not copy others ready-made business or menu, must make clear its own characteristics, the local, the restaurant dishes, some unique local flavor dishes, as a selling point, and then according to their own characteristics, provide a unique service, especially in the aspects of appearance, taste, nutrition and food to show their own characteristics.

cost centric pricing strategy. According to the cost of the price, it is necessary to meet the price of rice cooker, if the price is lower, the economic benefits will be damaged. On the other hand, the use of cost centric pricing strategy, only consider the cost of unilateral factors, ignoring the market demand and customer psychology, can not fully reflect the results of the operation.

production. The menu must be made of special materials, rather than using other materials such as folders, albums, etc.. Pot rice restaurant menu inside the page should not be too small, the general use of A4 or large 16 open specifications. Font size should be 4 words or number 3 is appropriate, the arrangement is not cramped, tight, the font is best to change. Paper should not be too thin, the general use of white paper, you can also choose a light colored paper.

a restaurant, if not even a menu, so that consumers choose how to eat? So, if you want to open a successful home cooking pot, menu making is very important. The production of rice and rice restaurant menu customization and production should pay attention to the above points, according to the operating environment to develop the dining.

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