How to open an online shop

in the era of e-commerce, online entrepreneurs rely on money more and more. Large and small shop countless, but there are successful failure. So how to make money online? This is a worthwhile study. Here are a few tips and techniques!

: first to obtain the trust of customers

1. page contact address, telephone number and other relevant certificates. Now the site is too much, what is called what network, only the actual data show, in order to obtain customer trust.

2. familiar with the knowledge of the services or products they sell. For example, the sale of digital products, it is necessary to understand the type and configuration of each commodity; sell clothing, it is necessary to know the size of the clothes and match; selling health products, it is necessary to be familiar with the effect and use of various types of goods.

3. customer evaluation.   try to make every customer do a simple feedback on their service, can receive many good ideas of continuous improvement from their own, in addition to pick out some good evaluation on the site, so the effect is also very good.

comprehensive marketing strategy

finally: choose a good courier company

distribution is a key link, so in the choice of courier companies, not direct price, the key depends on the speed and quality of service. Because the eyes of customers, courier service is also part of us. In the packaging of goods should also spend more time, some goods need to allow customers to open the package when full of surprises, some products need to fully protect the privacy of customers, some goods are very valuable to ensure the safety of multi-layer packaging.

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