How to succeed in business is not to be lost in small mistakes

we all want to succeed in business, no entrepreneur who does not want to succeed. Success is not easy, it may be because of the daily business and the key objectives of the attention, most entrepreneurs missing a lot of seemingly unimportant issues. How to start a business? Don’t lose in small mistakes.

1. himself too much responsibility. The "can do" attitude is much more restrictive than it sounds. Business owners insist that they can do it themselves, but inadvertently ignore the task entrusted to others, including outsourcing can produce efficiency. Leaders who lack the skills of some areas, accept your role: be responsible for recruiting outstanding, can reduce the workload of managers, experienced job seekers!

2. too much debt for the loan. On debt financing is not willing to give up the equity of the company, is a feasible option, but from the banks and investors to take loans, it may be difficult to raise funds, and it will bring more trouble. If a company is expected to grow by 10% next year, then it will be difficult to accept the cumulative interest rate loans of up to 15% years. Through the company’s credit card loans up to 21.99% years of interest rates, its financing is even worse.

3. repeated communication on the wrong thing. Bosses have a job to make sure that everyone in the team can reach a consensus. Although it is necessary to do a lot of work to speak carefully, to clarify the point of view, and to communicate adequately, it is easy to create new problems and undermine morale if communication is not good. Every time you speak before the cautious, better than letting people misinterpret the meaning and therefore a waste of time.

4. can’t translate what you read into action. It is a waste of time if the entrepreneur reads something about entrepreneurship, business management, marketing, or planning. I am fully in favor of personal self improvement, but I also believe that if people can not turn knowledge into action and create value, then they will not have any harvest.

5. let your / employee / whole company give up vacation. As a manager, if you feel that you have to work continuously, let alone set aside a few hours a day away from the computer, then the impact of your work will be harmful. The feeling of constant anxiety is familiar to many entrepreneurs. Stress and burnout are serious problems. What is overlooked is that for managers and companies, this tank half full when the cost of travel, significantly higher than the cost of spending five days in the holiday resort.

these errors appear to be normal, many entrepreneurs are easy to overlook, in the course of time, a small mistake will lead to contradictions, they are key factors that hinder successful entrepreneurs, not belittle. How to start a business? Hard work is important, but don’t lose it on the little mistakes.


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