The story of Jobs and the old man

2011 a star falls, apple founder Steve Jobs died, but his work will always stay in our heart, although there are now a large screen Apple mobile phone but there are still quite a number of people still use the previous Apple 4, because that is the last one of the great works of Jobs during his lifetime. The historical figures in the young when he met a stall man, brought him great inspiration for entrepreneurs.

in the United States New York city street at a flea market, there are many stalls, they specialize in selling some high quality and inexpensive small commodities, most people at the bottom of the society. Here in the street, there is a man of his day approach seventy years of age, selling all kinds of stamps, in the stall, spark Yanbiao, coins. The old man named Ronald · Wayne, he has put stall here many years, many people know the kind, kindly old man, affectionately called him "Uncle wayne". Wayne uncle is a street vendor, but he attaches great importance to their appearance. Every stall, he would also wear a in Western dress and leather shoes, baseball cap, give a person a kind of free and easy, smart.


in the sale of stamps, coins, sparks, often used in the best of spirits to introduce customers from above the National Geographic, local customs and practices. His marketing approach, refreshing.

Apple President Jobs was also an old customer before the old man stalls. That Jobs likes Chinese stamps, the old man will often buy their own Chinese stamps sold to Jobs. Over a long period of time, Jobs collection of Chinese stamps dazzling. Jobs Ever said to the old man, "thank you! It was you who opened a window to China and I saw the bright future of the apple brand entering the Chinese market."

‘the old man said: "your eyes are so sharp, Apple Corp can have today’s development, with your keen market insight is inseparable. And my eyes are so short-sighted, only to see the little bit of interest."

Jobs suggests that you don’t be sad, in this society, each person’s existence in different ways, only rely on their own hard work and effort, the stall is a life! Who do not know, the famous super billionaire billionaire Jobs, and the identity of the humble stall between the elderly, there is a little-known story.

attended the memorial meeting in Jobs, the old man also attended. See the old man, a lot of people whispering, he is not a stall? What is he doing here? You know, come to Joe booth Memorial, is the most rich, celebrities.

old man has always been dignified face of the people who said such a story. He said, I and Jobs have recommended

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