Business cards into new ideas

is the name card customers own money to India, then send to others, which is printed cards manufacturers, and then sold to consumers, if a product can bring these together, do not have to spend the money on their own raw materials, and customers for their own brands to do the advertising, this is very good, so the name card poker as a new idea of entrepreneurship.

the readme: 5 years ago, our company went bankrupt, I also became the idlers, playing poker has become my main pastime every day. One day to a friend’s home want to play poker, no home, friends to pay to buy, dig out the money did not dig out a little bit of a decade to get out of a business card, next to a person said, this card can be when playing poker? Another person said, this card if there are colors and points can not play? No cards, poker naturally did not play.

said that there are many businesses are willing to do. I said to them to do at least 10 thousand, less cost is too high to do, I put the points and the color of the ball, the size of the king is 0.05 yuan / Zhang, A and K is $0.045 / Zhang, the other point is 0.04 yuan / zhang.

A, more effective. Do not be like the other cards and advertising leaflets as others to throw into the trash can, so that each of your inputs are implemented.

two, the price is cheap. Although the effect of TV advertising is good, but the cost is higher, the newspaper advertising is less vivid than poker, printing

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