Shanghai Jiaotong University teacher students can retain the identity of entrepreneurship

is now in some universities and government cooperation, in order to further promote the majority of college students are a warm start, at the same time in order to give the students around the society to create a good business environment and employment also pains.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University to open the "green light of entrepreneurship". School party secretary Jiang Sixian in the morning, interview said that the school rules: support teacher retention with identity, scientific research achievements of entrepreneurship; clear undergraduate and graduate students can choose to drop out of business were two years and one year, can enjoy the school during the school entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education resources and support services.


for college students entrepreneurial team to provide 5000-20000 yuan of funds to support

to encourage students in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship in addition to reasonable returns, can drop out entrepreneurship, the school also developed the "Shanghai Jiao Tong University entrepreneurship training project funds management measures", for about 100 year cultivation of entrepreneurial team (project) to provide 5000-20000 yuan of funds to support Entrepreneurship and venture capital and mentoring services. Opened a more than and 800 square meters of entrepreneurial innovation laboratory, the integration of entrepreneurial diagnosis, entrepreneurial simulation, entrepreneurship research and entrepreneurial nursery 3+1 function as a whole, supporting nearly a hundred students science and technology innovation activities.

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