Looking for the future development trend of innovation and Entrepreneurship

Internet has become a symbol of the development of this era, the development of network words for entrepreneurs, it brings more challenges to the business enterprise, more opportunities, the Internet has become a huge "air" Chinese in new wave of start-ups, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial enterprises need is a concern with the Internet industry development of new information.

2016 in April 6th, sponsored by Suning 2016KK Zijin Mountain venture created to predict hearing held in Nanjing, discussed in the Internet era, most Internet entrepreneurs monopoly segments of business in the current giants of the moment, how to find the trend and direction of the future development of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Yuan Yue, chairman of

will start as a lifelong occupation of Zhang Jindong, from the "three" entrepreneurial experience analysis of the present situation of entrepreneurship. He pointed out that the market has never missed opportunities, never lack of air, and now is the best time to start a business.

Jindong share future "three port": high-tech, cutting-edge technology driven intelligent products will become a hot topic for future consumption on the economy; China recommended

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