Yunnan 5 kinds of entrepreneurial loans to support entrepreneurs to support their own business 120 t

entrepreneurship can effectively promote employment, at the same time, entrepreneurship can also effectively promote the development of the economy, therefore, innovation and entrepreneurship to obtain policy support. Since last year, business frequently into the line of sight of people, realize their entrepreneurial dreams to help entrepreneurs in Yunnan Province in 2016 the government introduced policies to support entrepreneurship and innovation, in 2016, Yunnan province will support 120 thousand people entrepreneurship.


the loan amount between 100 thousand to 2 million

for fledgling entrepreneurs, in addition to good ideas and market potential, entrepreneurs need initial start-up capital. In the case that they do not have so much money, the choice of government departments to provide business loans is also a good way.

2016, according to the Yunnan provincial government introduced a series of measures to support entrepreneurship point of view, this year, the provincial financial arrangements for 450 million yuan to promote the "two yuan" micro enterprise cultivation project. In addition to will continue to support 30 thousand micro enterprises, but also will arrange $230 million to support the loan free help fill and entrepreneurial guarantee loan policy continues to implement.

Compared to

and in previous years, this year, entrepreneurs can apply for business loans including help free up lending business loans, business loans, labor-intensive small business loans, students two discount loans and "two 100 thousand" micro enterprise loans 5. Among them, the maximum amount of various types of loans based on the borrower’s situation varies from 100 thousand to 2 million.

for the initial business people, as long as in support of the object range, at the same time after January 1, 2009 has handled industrial and commercial registration, can apply for to enjoy 2 years of help free up lending business loans, but also enjoy the corresponding interest free policy.


has had certain achievements through entrepreneurial entrepreneurs, according to Yunling students start to support the project support policies, if already enjoy small business loans to pay off the loan, support and comply with the relevant conditions, can apply for a maximum of 500 thousand of the loan guarantees, to promote the development of.


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