Shen Xiaofu help you run less mistakes

choose a store to look at the main brand and then join the business can bring you? For your future development? How far can I take you?

was founded in 1998 of the "family portrait noodle shop", after years of development, formed the core of the brand "Chengdu Xiao Li Shen Xiaofu of Cci Capital Ltd", became the first brand of Sichuan noodles, "Shen Xiaofu" follow the development idea of "customer-oriented, quality based", adhere to the innovation and create more customers satisfaction as the goal, focus on "quality, service, fast and health" management policy, committed to carry forward the essence of Sichuan, build a Chengdu noodle noodle taste culture.

Shen Xiaofu rice noodle relying on the core technology development products, secret recipe, unique flavor. Rich flavor, taste pure and customer choice, customers can accept in the four corners of the world. The product of Chengdu taste, Bo public house long, has formed a unique style of Shaoxing soup delicious, fragrant, more than ten years by the majority of consumers.

professional R & D team and the new product development system to protect the Shen Xiaofu store a variety of quarterly flagship new listing, innovative management model is to provide guidance and help the agency to enrich the product structure services.

fast food to join you Shen Xiaofu rice noodle shop no misunderstanding

for the next in-depth analysis of fast food franchise operating errors:

risk: fast food franchise shop many are not any experience in the food and beverage industry, this is the main reason for failure, but also the leading factor. Fast food is not to join the shop and we imagined so simple, in the premise of their own lack of experience, should not take the risk of a rush to get started, we should find a cooperation profession or employed as day after operation and management, and gradually familiar, can operate independently.

error: fast food shop before joining investigation on the surrounding made a "reconnaissance", but did not see the essence of the problem, not more careful analysis of the cause and the situation of the transfer of the original shops, only to see the surface of the number, no detailed analysis of their demand and consumption habits.

operation defects: since the region dominated by migrant workers and students, the consumption level is relatively low, so the food varieties did not need too much, the grade must be popular, mainly to ensure nutrition in the full basis, the only way to compete with the canteen, to attract customers.

Shen Xiaofu is mainly engaged in pickled cabbage vermicelli based professional Sichuan noodle restaurant. The product of Chengdu taste, Bo public house long, has formed the unique taste of this soup delicious, fragrant, favored by the vast number of consumers. We always adhere to the "customer – oriented, quality – based"

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