How to use the new features of the store to attract 90 customers

regardless of the era of how to judge the sound, the 90 generation began to enter the community, many have become the mainstream of the industry. In the retail business, we will encounter all kinds of customers, there is a class of customers belonging to 90, they have their own unique personality. Growth and rapid economic growth, the rapid social change in the era of "90", a distinct personality, they dare to express, active thinking, good at accepting new things; their style of art, is not limited by the rules, they love hate is constrained; personality changes……

in the face of such a special group, how should we deal with it? In fact, as long as we can learn more about their personality characteristics and the pursuit, then we can take effective measures to deal with and deal with it? Under normal circumstances, I used to set up a new wave of communication with the customer after 90 bridge.

trendy plaque provoke vision

has been, I have the new trend and features as the focus of the operation, whether my supermarket is the shape, or store display, or the characteristics of the goods are reflected in a new fashion. Many people think that fashion is not desirable, some too ostentatious, but I don’t think so, fashion is a positive, is a kind of taste. For example, my store plaque made on the shape of the phone, and then hit my name on the shop, my idea is very good, no matter who saw the new idea. After a 90 customer saw, said: a look at your shop plaque will know you must be a trendy people, buy goods must be trendy, so I came in."

listened to her words, I am very happy. It can be said that the appearance of a shop is very important, whether the facade is creative and features will affect the customer’s attention. Because of the increasing demand for aesthetic customers, especially after 90 gens, they are to accept new things particularly fast. So, I took advantage of this creative plaque to attract a large number of customers. A strange customer said to me, "I didn’t mean to come in, but I saw you and I walked in. Your shop is very good, I will buy you in the future!"

trendy display to attract customers

when it comes to the layout and display of goods, I think this is a great learning. The layout of a supermarket can reflect the owner’s ideas and ideas, in particular, is often a way to change the display is a very good move, so you can meet the needs of 90 customers. I have a creative display of the goods in the supermarket, which includes a variety of shapes, a combination of small food, and finally a new pattern.

a customer came into my shop and saw that my goods were on display

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