How to start your own business

own and start their own business is full of thrilling journey. However, in order to realize their entrepreneurial ideals, although you know you have to face the challenge, but you have the confidence to overcome one by one. How do you take the first step when things are hard to begin with?

according to the commercial registration law, the definition of business including any form of trade, trade, occupation, profession or any activity for profit. Currently in Singapore, there are 5 business options available for entrepreneurs. One is a wholly owned enterprise, that is, the company can only have one owner.

second is in the form of joint venture enterprises. Basically, the advantages and disadvantages of joint ventures and wholly owned enterprises are the same, but the joint ventures must have at least two owners, up to a maximum of 20. The owner may be an individual or an enterprise; at least one of the owners must be a resident of singapore. Most legal institutions or accounting firms register in the form of a joint venture.

Finally, a

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