Tell me about one and a half years of standing experience

I have personal webmaster also has a two years, and if from 07 years in November, from Ali mother got 5 yuan advertising fee began to count, my webmaster years have a year and a half. If you start with your personal homepage, it will be four years. After doing the station is fun, and then in Ali’s mother earned 5 yuan on time, long advertising fees, suddenly found that the original site can make money. Remember I bought YAHOO mail advertising, then Ali mother should develop, must have a large number of small owners, so mom to buy their own advertising the small website, the website is small so I bought YAHOO mail, one week, five yuan. I’m happy. The first time I got the money.


, I thought about making a website, maybe I could earn some living expenses, so I began to do it. In fact, do stand is also very simple, download a CMS, and then modify, add to the inside, I remember to live with seven hundred or eight hundred articles, to 08 years in April 3, Ali mother gave me one hundred bucks a month. I was even more excited then.

so I used two levels of domain name to continue to do a few stops, the station is full of Ali’s mother’s advertising. We also applied for GOOGLE advertising. By contrast, I found that GOOGLE’s advertising was more profitable. One was that it was paid in dollars. On the other hand, it didn’t pay as much for the tech service as Ali did. So I changed the entire website to GG ad.

in June, after the college entrance examination, my website IP reached thousands of days, because my station is related to the University’s professional, so after the college entrance examination, many candidates in the search for information in Colleges and universities. It is at the end of the month, I received the GOOGLE check. Because at that time did not know about Western Union exchange this thing, so it is time to pay by cheque, money is very troublesome, etc. to check for a month, then take a check to do foreign exchange business is to wait a month for about two months, finally got 1164.14 yuan.

GG pays me every two months, about $100 per month on average. Later, in the website, I did a financial and other websites, and found that the financial category of the site, a high rate of click, two clicks, the unit price is also higher than the average site. My financial website is twice as much as my other website.

so far, I have a total of 5 websites, three first level domain names, two two level domain names, and in April, GG’s revenue is more than 200.

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