The rise of Chinese stationmaster sends the roar of dragon

losers look down on people, incompetence, garbage, insecurity, loss. These are the words I said failed webmaster, do three years, but the total can not keep up with the other to make money in the queue, a few years ago in Telecom SP, high traffic web site, beautiful pictures, QQ space station, the existing body art, novel station and so on, these are gold to others from failure webmaster every day, tired like a dog bite, others eat bones. What do you think we have, what’s the ideal?.

A few years ago,

garbage station, as long as you update Baidu included on you, and bring a lot of traffic, many owners have money to buy cigarettes, search problems after the reform, let your website traffic fell, now only do last give dying kicks. Before the garbage sites are at ease, happy to update, ZhengZhan advertisements a day can also earn hundreds of dollars. But now stationmaster net complain again, stand up on those few.

I am not willing to do garbage sites, wanted to expand the site, do the content, discarded several lucrative waste network, 2007 started the station is not easy, zaikuzailei I stick to my game site, the current flow of low chilling. Want to collect the power of people, want to do a good job of Web site call together, and strive to do a site. People are always afraid of losing, selfish, these are the fatal weakness of the team, I hope we can put aside some, let go of heart to cooperate with others. Form a strong team. Detailed division of labor, easy to station, and work together to promote, there are these kinds of spirit, I do not believe things will do well. He is a loser and I do not want to join the webmaster friends advised to give up to the station, not to look for partners. Alone too tired, to find some friends have made the ideal of people together to do the station. Friends who have set up a website contact me, QQ46168745! Now want to do a good job site The condition is space, I channel, you manage, ad you put in. More details,

!In this paper,

as it twisted psychological blow to the webmaster feel shy you ~ I am also a loser, eager for success! Wish you all do Wangzhuan station flow as Taotao, into the bucket on gold! Everyone relaxed station, have a healthy body and mind, there are a lot of time with my family



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