Novice SEO how to grasp the promotion of the site

SEO is a kind of rely on the survival of the Internet with the occupation, now website and web technology gradually become simple, there are more and more websites on the Internet constantly refresh, so for the SEO industry demand will become more and more. For novice SEO, SEO may be considered a very esoteric career, but when we gradually feel, to operate, you will find, in fact, SEO is not so difficult. For a SEO novice, the first thing to do is to know more about what we can do, what we need to do, and what we should do in the end.

for a SEO novice, first of all we should be familiar with the site is what background how to operate, in the station of the update, and some pictures, how to improve the user experience, these are going through the station show what substantive things it will also help improve the website. From the fundamental place to start, such a site will become stable, there are not so many big ups and downs.

starts from the station’s update, writing is sure everyone will write, but due to the influence of a large network environment began to get bored with such updates work a lot of SEO, some SEO began to abandon the original. However, this approach is not correct, because now the degree of attention to Baidu for original articles began to become more and more strong, a lot of things is no nutrition will begin to gradually give up the search engine, that is to say to our website has been published in the article or others have been used for this article do a little change, so a long time will be abandoned by the search engine. Therefore, for station updates, we can not just think of picking and imitation, we should learn to write their own original soft text. A good soft Wen, we must write carefully, so that we can fundamentally enhance the quality of their web site. Imagine if our own website in a long time, always keep the original articles published and updated, so it is very beneficial for the search engines crawl, including the release of the chain is such a principle. In fact, for the construction of the chain, Xiaobian together that is through forum signature way construction, but with the search engine algorithm update, small start their own original construction to the outside of the chain, but this method has certain effect on the chain number, but for each keyword website the terms are favorable, so whether it is the station or the chain construction of small series have agreed that the original is the most important.

there is the website pictures and the layout of the web interface construction, a user experience good site to give the user the feeling is the first glance to be able to attract users, so it is very important to select and use the website pictures. Therefore, a good artist is also very important for a good website, so for a website, an artist is not

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