Webmaster’s Enlightenment in addition to original content there is no other way

Blood and tears of

web site, I believe we have experienced. Update, update, or update, but very little traffic. Personal sorrow and joy, it is really a long story. Now if any by the garbage station can earn much W, there are not many people believe that, when the content is king, the original site is difficult to survive, and is dominated by collecting garbage station? Of course, rely on garbage station to make money there, but has little. Unless you are a very intelligent person, or follow others behind the butt do, dead certainly you.

although everyone knows the original article is good, but still a lot of people shake their heads and sigh, because writing original article is too difficult. Write a soft text every day may be okay, because the soft Wen requirements are relatively low. Writing original is difficult, so we will come up with pseudo original, this approach, through the following several ways to achieve "makeover" purposes.

(1) to change the title of the article, this is certainly the most important, the title is dotting the place.

(2) adds the introduction, which is said to be a favorite for search engines, especially google.

(3) appropriately modifies the beginning of the article;

(4) in the case of no importance, upset the paragraphs.

(5) modify the end of the article.

Our website

Book 100 (www.qiankun8.com) together the original article in addition to the use of reasonable false original article, the more we insist every day to write at least one original, in order to ensure the quality of our website content.

first of all, there are new things every day in the sun. We can look at the big and small things that happened in the book of changes.

second, by means of hot press speculation, for example, recently happy girl more fire, webmasters will actively write analysis various popular players happy girls five to eight character line and the name, let their fans and more committed to their idol triumphalism.

of course, it’s really hard to write original articles. Write here, and remember that story writing articles. A scholar is going to take the imperial examination, and he is very sad day and night. His wife comforted him and said, "it’s so difficult to see your composition. It looks like we’re having a baby."." The husband said, "it’s still easy for you women to have children."." The wife asked: "why?" the husband said: "you are my stomach, stomach is not


goes out of stock is of course very difficult, but as long as insist on writing every day, I believe that the pseudo original + original content can make the success of the site.

hereby make this article inspirational.

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