Traffic is an important factor in the survival of personal websites

throughout the Internet situation, the growing new sites, the site traffic has been a very popular and very sophisticated topic, this topic will never fall. No personal web site traffic, like a great Chollima Bole encountered the same.

on this point, it shows the importance of traffic. Here are a few promotion website, increase flow method.

1, using some very sophisticated way to promote your website, such as QQ group, group mail, BBS, a large group of messages, bring your website, web site and keywords. Go to Baidu know, YAHOO knowledge hall, soso answer other people’s questions, accompanied by your own links.

2, the use of search engines, which is now more popular SEO optimization technology, improve your search engine in the keywords ranking.

3, exchange links. And some of the peer or non peer station to exchange friendship with each other. Of course, not the more the better, the quality, not quantity.

4, to well-known sites advertising. Direct money investment, of course, is the best, but it costs money. A good SEOER, they don’t buy people standing ads, they think it’s a waste,


5, for each brush, using some platforms or tools for example, click on the flow of the home, the flow of the wizard, the software is free, free to flow to the website, or CPC advertising click fraud. These can rely on some traffic alliances to earn rmb. But this flow is always false, can not be considered as long-term development of personal Adsense Idea.

6, the creation of soft text, that is, original, accompanied by their own links. Once the 100 search engines or be collected on your station, the station is undoubtedly a good thing. I believe that some of the webmaster walked through ctrl+c, ctrl+v’s hard process, here to say "hard". Or more of their own things, so that not only to others can bring useful knowledge, but also to create value for themselves, to create value for the internet.

Several methods of the

, but also focus on the old, old do not look. Improve the site traffic, not in a day. Seize the quality of the site itself, the site traffic do not worry about it. Although the road is endless and faraway, I still want to pursue the truth in the world.

webmaster (, free included all kinds of excellent websites, to create an Internet pure traffic flow exchange platform.

to each new station, or no flow station, a basic service platform. Let you feel the true flow of 1:5 return to reality.

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