The significance of website conversion rate

what is your conversion rate, meaning that when visitors visit the site, the visitors into the website of resident users, can also be understood as visitors to the user’s conversion, regardless of the site SEO optimization, or do the bidding advertising promotion, preliminary results only temporary visitors to improve site traffic, and the website to bigger and stronger, not only to put the visitors into the visitors, but also to stay, it is necessary to consider how to improve the site conversion rate, one of the key development strategy that this is also the site of the.

below, Hou Qinglong will be visitors to the site’s user experience analysis:

first pass, website speed

first, when visitors enter the site, the first feeling is the site of the open speed of response, if the page file is too large, or the web server is slow, the speed of opening more than 8 seconds, you can never lose the access to the user, this choice should pay attention to streamline the design speed and stability of server and website code, the website can be used the structure of Div+Css, enhance the site open speed.

second pass, website image

website image mainly reflect the experience in the overall site is in accordance with the user or website, so small and fine, or do large, web content is the key to expand the website content complete, to create a beautiful and simple web interface, web interface is clear, the content clear, make the site beautification degree, professional degree, information of the best to improve the overall image of the website.

third, website

web site utility is mainly reflected in the following points:

1, as far as possible in line with user habits of the design, the site function is applicable;

2, website level is reasonable, when outstanding, highlight, establish clear navigation level;

3, the site has customer service contact, when visitors need, and do not know how to do, you can always customer service consulting service;

4, the website interactive ability strengthens, opens the user feedback, website, forum, website, blog, and so on interactive column, interacts with the visitor.

network marketing can only pull traffic, but the most important thing is how to improve the conversion rate, so that users of the site slowly accumulate, to create a market competitiveness of the site.

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